Buckley's Mixture

It doesn’t taste awful. Honest. I don’t care what Frank Buckley says.

I like the taste. Sure, it’s strong, but it’s kinda nice going down. And it does work.

I had to take some last night to relieve a tickle in my throat. It put me in mind of one time about 10 years ago, on my floor in a university dorm, where we had a particularly nasty cold going round. I doled out doses of Buckley’s to a bunch of the guys, and was persona non grata for about a week. (These self-same guys could drink just about any vile alcoholic concoction ever known, and probably invented a few.)

Am I that unusual? Buckley’s fans, put up your hands!

No fan here. I think the stuff tastes the way I imagined Pine Sol would taste. I tried it once, and no amount of coaxing would get me to try it a second time. I couldn’t even swallow it. It hit my tongue, and back out it came.

Buckley’s Mixture makes me gag. Pure and simple. I’ve tried it three or four times, basically with the same results. As far as effectiveness is concerned, I found it to be no more and no less efficient than your average cough syrup. Definitely less efficient than codeine syrup (for which you have to get a prescription from your doctor, however).

BTW, Buckley recently introduced a ‘children’s formula’ which, strangely enough, they say tastes good. So it would seem that they CAN make a product that doesn’t taste like cramp and still be effective. So why don’t they?!?!

Maybe it’s the active ingredient which tastes bad. In a kid’s version, there’d be less, hence better taste. Just a WAG :slight_smile:

I’ve never tried it, but I can usually swallow most anything (whiskey tastes like rubbing alchohol, but Crown Royal at least goes down really smooth).

What I meant to say is ‘taste like crap’, not ‘taste like cramp’; maybe it can give you cramps, but it definitely tastes like crap:D.

I picked some of this up a few years ago in Canada before it was avalible here.It’s still in my medicine cabinet with just 1 serving missing.Has to be on my top 10 list of the worst things i’ve ever tasted.