Bucks County killings . . . strangerer and strangerer

The investigation into four missing young men is happening in my area and I have friends with close connections to the (presumed) victims and the POI :eek:

This is a really strange investigation in many ways. The details are all over the 'net/news, so I won’t reiterate the whole story.

It may just be the son involved in the presumed killings, but I’m wondering why the parents are appearing before a grand jury today; can someone enlighten me as to why this may be happening?

I knew nothing about this. Here’s the story for anyone else like me.

Thanks for posting the link, Kayaker. I assumed that it was general knowledge, it’s all over the news here and on CNN/MSNBC/etc.

If only everyone reading this knew where Bucks county is. I have no idea. And the article offers no info in that regard.


The County of Buckinghamshire (Bucks for short) is just to the north of London and bounded by Hertfordshire to the East and Berkshire to the West. The county town is Aylesbury.


Western PA ignores the happenings of Eastern PA.:slight_smile:

Bucks County is in Eastern Pennsylvania. It’s north of Philadelphia and runs along the New Jersey state line.

Bucks County, Pennsylvania (I think it was called Buckinghamshire in Ye Olden Dayes).

In brief: a young man disappeared last Wednesday then three other men disappeared over the weekend (19-21 year-olds). Some clues have been found at a family’s expansive farm land that (may) point toward another young man who is a POI; he was arrested and held for a million dollar bail, the parents bailed him out yesterday and they are appearing in front of a grand jury today.

Area law enforcement and the FBI are digging giant holes and pulling up concrete slabs in various places at family’s real estate and the county attorney has said that crimes go way beyond these four disappearances. The family owns several companies, including a cement, construction, and trucking company.

In Texas, the only news that matters is making it practically impossible for minorities to vote and making sure poor women can’t get birth control or abortions. :rolleyes:

Has this now become a murder investigation or is it still a missing persons case?

Northeast of Philly.

The info given to the public indicates it’s now a quadruple+ murder investigation, one of the (possible) victim’s car was found hidden in an old garage on one of the family’s farm holdings and there was a cell ping in the area :frowning:

There’s a lot of speculation that there may be Soprano-type mafia* involvement and there are more bodies scattered around; the FBI was here pretty much instantaneously and the parents are in front of a grand jury today. I have no idea if a very quickly assembled GJ is standard procedure or not, so it might mean nothing at all.

This is a very affluent area with a BIG, BIG opiate/heroin problem, especially amongst young folk. I think Occam’s Razor is in play here and it’s drug deal(s) gone bad.

*The family is Italian-American and some of their businesses are classic mob venues. This is feeding into some of the wilder theories, probably unfairly.

Doesn’t sound like classic Mafia work. They wouldn’t kill rich kids, they’d bleed their families for money first. Sounds more like modern gang work. Or who knows what, they were getting nowhere with that killing in MA until they began to investigate the marathon bombers.

For those not in the know…

Bucks Co is directly north of Philadelphia, PA.

[li]4 young men, ages 18-22 went missing over a period of 4 days last week. It’s believed that they knew each other. One’s car was found at a boutiquey shopping center in one town. Another’s car was found on (one of) the property of the parents of the 5 young man in a different town. [/li][li]A cell phone ping of one of the missing 4 came from the property (I’m not sure if it’s the same as the owner of the car or one of the others).[/li][li]D.A. has publicly stated he suspects foul play.[/li][li]5th young man (20) was arrested in Feb on weapons charges because he had been previously involuntarily committed for mental illness/issues. Charges were dropped. His parents properties are being searched.[/li][li]Charges were refiled & he was taken into custody again on Sun or Mon with much higher bail than the first time, partially because he is a Person of Interest in the disappearance of the other 4. He has since made bail. [/li][li]Multiple law enforcement agencies, including the FBI are assisting in the search. This includes at least one backhoe & manual ‘shaker’ screens to filter any dirt that is dug up in the search for clues.[/li][/ul]

Story timeline here, with related links.

There is no mafia.

Thanks for the info Jedgar.

I know that it gets my attention when someone actually pays a million-dollar bail.

Parents will do anything for their children.

His parents own multiple construction businesses & multiple properties, so they ain’t poor. How liquid they are I have no idea. Only need to pay 10% of the bail upfront; still, that’s more than what’s in my wallet.

Actually, they put up $100,000 in cash (ten percent of the bail amount). And I was annoyed at some of the coverage in the New York Times and other places that referred to the “sprawling” and “vast” farm where the police are searching, without ever actually saying how big is vast. I learned from an article on philly.com that the property is ninety acres.

A new and ominous twist: suspect has been rearrested for trying to sell one of the missing man’s car.