Buehrle pitched a perfect game today

I hate the WhiteSox, but I’ll give a guy props when they are due.


(I just won’t spell his name right! Can a mod please change to Buehrle? Thx)

Tip of the hat here from this Cubs fan.

White Sox suck, but that is just perfect. Way to grab some immortality, Buehrle!

Hope Wise gets a few free drinks out of this clutch catch.

WOW! What a play!

Another Cubs fan saying ‘well done’. I also note that the President gave him a congratulatory call. How cool is that?

Yeah, watching the slow mo at the very end you see how close he was to not making that catch. Not only is it a homer (from what I could tell) if he doesn’t get over the wall, but it falls out of his glove when he comes back down and he has to barehand it with the other hand. Incredibly dramatic. You just can’t script stuff like that.

There have been times before when I’ve watched Buehrle blow through the first couple innings and thought, “Wow, he might pitch a perfect game today”, because he had such great stuff and great control. But of course he never did, because it only takes one little mistake or one piece of bad luck to ruin a perfect game. Today neither happened–a rare accomplishment indeed!

I love the scorecard of a perfect game–a perfect 3 by 3 by 3 grid.

He’s a Chi Sox fan.

Betcha he can’t do it again. :smiley:

Congrats on a rare feat, only the 18th since 1900.

ETA: Just saw mentioned on ESPN he’s only the 6th pitcher to throw 2 career no-hitters including a perfect game.

Oh I know! Nobody’s perfect (except Mark Buerle, today!).

Against Tampa, too. The second best team in baseball at failing to fail to get on base.

Hey - forgive my ignorance…

What defines a perfect game? I had thought of a no hitter, but if Wise has to make a spectacular catch, then somebody hit something.

I’m confused, but this must be big.

And for the record, I’m a Sox fan, just a non-baseball watching one :wink:

A no-hitter means no hits. A perfect game means no one gets on base at all – no hits, no walks, no errors. 27 up, 27 down.

ETA a no-hitter doesn’t mean that no one makes contact, but that no one hits safely, i.e they don’t get on base.

A hit is if you reach base after hitting the ball. A catch by an outfielder puts you out.

No baserunners-no hits, no walks, no errors, no hit batter, no nothing. Balls can be hit(no one has ever struck out 27 batters in a major league game) just as long as no one gets on base.

Not necessarily. An error is not a hit and can satisfy the above requirement.

a no-hitter is when no one gets a recorded hit. (opponents can still reach on errors, walks, or by being plunked.) A perfect game is when no one ever safely reaches first base. Yes it’s perfect because all 27 batters get retired in order.

As for 27 strikeouts - it’s never happened, but in a high school game (7innings) in Dallas, a pitcher did just that. It was mentioned in Sports Illustrated so that makes me think it was an accomplishment.

To give non baseball fans an idea of how difficult it is to pitch a perfect game- The average on base percentage (percentage of time a player reaches base when he is batting) is around 35%. So 65% of the time on average a player will make an out. In order to pitch a perfect game, you have to make 27 outs in a row. (.65)^27 = very small percentage!

So, Buehrle has a previous no hitter in 2007, right? ESPN just ran a graphic that both games ran 2:03 and had the same home plate umpire.