Buffy challenge - 100 (or more) characters

Well, seeing that this thread and this thread were such hits, I suppose it’s inevitable that a similar thread on “Buffy” characters would crop up - so I might as well start it! :wink:

Anyway, same goal: list 100 (or more) characters w/o repeating a one.

Tara Maclay: “You found the last known urn of Osiris on Ebay?”

Angel- “I said I was a friend. I didn’t say I was yours.”

Just one character? then I’m done? Bor. Ing. Here’s mine. HUGE crush.

Andrew: I like to think of myself more as a [air-quotes]* “guestage.”*

Buffy Summers - “I’m Buffy, and you’re history!”

Willow Rosenberg - “Occasionally I’m callous and strange.”

My favorite victim - Jenny Calendar

Miss Kitty Fantastico. (R.I.P.)


The Buffybot - “You’re recently gay!”

Amy Madison

“Amy, how have you been?”
“Rat. You?”

The Mayor - “Remember, fast and brutal. It’s gonna be a whole new world come nightfall, don’t want to weaken now. And boys? Let’s watch the swearing.”


“You’ve got superpowers! That is so cool!”

Xander Harris.

"Being popular isn’t so great. Or so I’ve read in books. "

Daniel “Oz” Osbourne: “I am my thoughts. If they exist in her, Buffy contains everything that is me, and she becomes me. I cease to exist. No one else exists, either. Buffy is all of us. We think, therefore she is.”

Rupert Giles. “I have to believe in a better world.”

Spike: Watch your mouth little girl. You should know better than to tempt the Fates that way. Because the Big Bad is back! And this time, it’s –
(gets ambushed by commandos)

Faith: “That was great. I gotta shower.”

Joyce Summers. “Have you tried *not * being a Slayer?”

Cheese Man: “I wear the cheese. It does not wear me.”

Cordelia Chase: “No dresses, no cellphone, no car. Everything has been taken away because Daddy made a little mistake on his taxes for the last 12 years.”

Anya Christina Emmanuella Jenkins “Well, at first it was confusing. Just the idea of computers was like, whoa, I’m eleven hundred years old. I had trouble adjusting to the idea of Lutherans”