Buffy Comics: What's the deal w/ Spike's spaceship o' insects?

In the current “Dark Horse” season 9 “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” comics, the vampire Spike is the commander of a spaceship operated by giant alien insects who speak English. I understand the background of the alien bugs comes from a previous company’s Spike comic books, but I have to say, “WTF”. Where do these buggies come from? How did they take Spike as their leader? Fill me in please.

I dunno, but if that isn’t a Jumping the Shark moment, I don’t know what is. But perhaps it looks better on a comic page than it does in print.

I wish I could say that was when the Buffy Comics jumped the shark, but they did that earlier…

Buffy and Angel space sex, anyone?

WTF? Really? Aliens in Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Not the first time. Listening to Fear. Season 5. It was a demon, but it came from space. That says alien to me.