Buffy fans - What would you have done this season?

If you were the one plotting out the season what would you have done differently?

Personally I like a lot of the ideas from this season. Even though I’ve been fairly entertained by the episodes while they were on I must admit afterwords there have been parts that stuck with me and bothered me.

I would keep the geek trio. I would have a more gradual increase from petty crimes aided by magic/science to the total lunacy of Warren. I would also have made it harder for them to acquire the orbs, as that seems like a fairly good master plan for Warren who has some serious issues with his vulnerability.

Next I think the temporary Tara/Willow split made sense. Willow was abusing magic, and did a horrible thing to Tara. I would have drawn a distinction between the kind of magic they normally did and the power leaping from your finger tips type. That second type seems like something dangerous to play with. If Willow just gave that up and stuck to very minor things to relearn mastery over the art I think that would have been good.

Xander leaving Anya at the alter served no real plot purpose. Even the random death of Tara, despite being massively depressing, advances the plot in a real way. More over than being a useless bit of plot I don’t think it is really sensible. I would have had Xander return, yell at his parents and get the guests back into line. Then he would appologize for frightening Anya and have as nice a wedding as possible. They could have been away the next episode on honey moon and the lack of differences in their relationship after marriage could have reassured Xander that this was the right choice while Anya tried to figure out why no mystical change of state had occured. Amazingly they could be happy.

As for Spike/Buffy I would leave that in and have them discovered by way of the cameras (not sexing it up but arguing about their past relationship). It would lead to a good ol’ fashion intervention like from the earlier seasons. Buffy would explain she had broken it off with Spike, etc. The attemped rape would still be in there.

The most important thing is changing Warren’s revenge. I think he is an unbalanced lunatic who isn’t capable of bringing his full intelligence to bear on all matters, especially after being unmanned. Still I think a death trap would have been better. When Xander goes to make up with Buffy over the Spike thing (he would still have lingering issues and would storm out of a meeting that wasn’t going totally in the Spike bad direction) she would keep looking for cameras. She’d find something, poke at it and move in. Xander would recognise it and what it was connected to. He’d pull her out of the way of the gun (or other strong projectile) based trap. She gets a pretty bad hit and Warren’s revenge speech starts playing. We see the window Tara had looked through earlier broken and here Willow screaming. Inside the house Willow is hunched over Tara so we can’t see the extent of the injury.

That’s just me though I’d like to gere other fan’s visions for a better season six.

I would have emphasized the individual talents of the Geek Trio more thoroughly. For example, I would have had Andrew summoning a few mystic creatures, and I would have had Warren build a few 'bots (just a couple) to assist them in their schemes.

Also, I would have had Xander contribute more to the vamp-dusting and demon-beating battles. As mentioned in previous threads, his characterization has been inconsistent as of late. At times, he’s a valiant and valuable Scooby, but at other times, he’s nearly useless.

The “magic as drugs” parallel was soooo heavy-handed that it really turned me off. I’m a grown-up now; I don’t have to watch After School Specials anymore, thank you very much. So I would have downplayed the whole addiction bit.

I would also have made Dawn a more sympathetic character. I know 15 year olds aren’t naturally the most sympathetic people, but she was so annoying for most of the season that I just wanted to smack her. She has improved greatly in the past two eps.

Gah thanks for mentioning that burundi. I can’t believe I forgot to mention something about Dawn. I would have given her an episode similar to the Zeppo (probably the Halloween episode as it was fairly Dawn focused already). A portrayl in general more like that in the past two episodes would have been great to see all along. I would suggest putting her in a relationship excpet that is essentially cursing someone in the Buffyverse. She’d probably end up dating a Pit Fiend or something.

I’d have looked at the draft for the season, and scrapped it.

Kept the musical, but trashed everything thereafter. “Sure, it’d be an interesting writing exercise to have the cast of an action/adventure show morph into the Soap Opera Hour, but maybe we should take the viewers into account. I mean, if we make every single character dislikeable, why would viewers care about the show?”

I’d have stuck with the metaphors that made the show strong in the first place. Like, peer pressure being portrayed as pack mentality. Instead, this season has abandoned metaphor along with subtlety. The old series would have had a clever way of depicting the soulless, draining experience of a menial job. The series as it is, just gave us a big helpin’ of soulless draining menial work.

I’d have avoided upping the ante on Willow’s powers too fast; that made it necessary to take them away altogether, and it was fun watching her learn how to do things with it.

I’d have made some strides towards reconciling the obvious flaws in the structure of the Buffyverse; the actual role of the Watchers, for instance. The conflict inherent in a world where people don’t acknowledge fairly obvious monsters in their midst. The morailty of slaying demons, if some demons turn out to be good after all.

It’s a rich, strange world that’s been built over five seasons. And in season six, we’ve been stuck watching the least interesting parts of it.

My major change – turn Jonathan from a random supervillain into someone with a legitimate grievance. Make him part of the Scooby Gang at the start of the season, make him responsible for Willow’s magic problems (don’t do the Rack thing or the heavy-handed addiction storyline), have him leave more or less under threat of expulsion (see below), then have him join up with Warren and Andrew.

This way, we get plenty of the jokes about how dorky Warren and Andrew are, then they suddenly become a legitimate Big Bad with the introduction of Jonathan’s magical abilities and knowledge of the Scooby Gang.

Also, a new Watcher should have been introduced, especially since Buffy didn’t want one. Preferably someone who’s really cool and that everyone likes, except when he tries to be the Watcher.

I like MrVisible’s idea of going in to the “Why do people live in Sunnydale at all?” theories, and The Tim’s New Zeppo idea, though I’d have gone with Jonathan, and made it the last straw for him to leave the group.

  1. Xander and Anya got married, happily.

  2. Spike and Buffy never hooked up, but remained close (the Moonlighting issue).

  3. Willow does not give up magic without a fight. It is not a “drug” issue- but a “power corrupting” issue.

  4. Tara, Xander, and Buffy are wounded, Dawn is killed when Warren detonates a bomb in the magic shop. In the season ender, a very pissed off Spike (dawn), Anya (Xander) and Willow (all three) each leave from the hospital to swearing to kill Warren. Season ends. “To be continued”



OK. I liked everything up through the musical, and the episode after where Willow accidently erases everybody’s memory. After that is when I need to diverge.

  1. Willow and Tara’s breakup. Willow does these thoughtless violations on people and it’s Tara that moves out? Frankly, were I Buffy, I’d be so pissed at Willow and worried about not only myself but also my kid sister and would have booted her red-headed butt out of my house. Then Buffy and Tara could form a real friendship, with Tara helping Buffy with her issues of being dead and in heaven (frankly, I think Tara, out of all the Scoobies, might be able to kick Buffy round her hind end and say, “Get over it.”) Then, later on, the two of them could help Willow, who by this time would have hit bottom, realized she needs help, and get the support from Buffy and Tara she needs.

  2. Xander and Anya: God knows why, but I do like them as a couple. I agree that he would have issues based on his own family experiences, but I think he could have gone through with the wedding. This is a man who has stared down Angelus – I think he can face not only Anya’s (metaphorical) demons, but also his own.

Spike and Buffy: As wrong-wrong-wrong as this relationship is, it did fulfill certain needs (and not just the obvious physical ones, get your mind out of the gutter). I think they should have sort of devolved into friends, with Spike discovering his long-lost humanity, maybe by going on a quest to discover how to get his soul back.

Giles: He needed to go. He’s outlived his usefulness, much as I like him, and need only be relegated to guest shots.

No, I haven’t thought much about this. :slight_smile:

Every episode a musical!


Agree that the “magic as drugs” thing was dumb. She didn’t need to give up magic; she just needed to stop using it unethically. She needed to limit herself to using it to combat evil, and stop casually using it to improve her personal situation.

Dawn never annoyed me as much as some, but I agree she’s been more likable lately. I liked how delighted she was Willow and Tara getting back together.