Buffy Season Eight #1 (Comic Book - open spoilers)

I was running some errands and stopped by the comic book / game shop, but they said they wouldn’t be getting it until 2:30. Stopped by later and there was only one copy on the shelf (maybe the other copies got pulled?)
I liked it. Some comments:
Is that a Firefly type T-shirt she has? It looks like something I’ve seen before.
The computer at HQ is HAL
Anone have an idea of who is hovering outside the church?


“Your butt looks big in those giant pants.” Sweet!

Xander’s Nick Fury…heh. Best thing about that is, immediately after noting that, I read the panel where he asks to be called Sgt Fury.

The art is great…the characters look more or less like the actors without ruining the illusion of action, or straying seriously off-model.

Mental note: go to comic book store tomorrow.

When’s the next one due out? A month?

Damn it damn it damn it! No place in town has it! I went to the comic store (which had a nice gap in the Dark Horse shelf between some other comic starting with a B and a Conan comic,) the Borders, the other Borders, and the Barnes and Nobel.

Crap on a crap stick crap.

It apparently did really well and sold out. There’s a reprint scheduled to come out on the 28th, with issue #2 the week after.

Of couse, a lot of people buy #1 just in case it becomes a collectors item.

The next issue is slayted :slight_smile: for April 4th.

Covers and spoilers for issues 1-4:


I went to the comic book store in my area (actually two of them) and they were all sold out. The comic isn’t on Amazon, so does anyone have any idea of how I can order one online? I hesitate to go onto ebay because my account got hacked (or phished) a while back.


My comic book store actually had two copies, each with a different cover, so I am guessing they are still playing variant cover games. Isn’t that like, so 90’s?

I liked it. I had been afraid the art would look nothing like the actors, which I thought was one of the strikes against the earlier Buffy comic books, but I thought they did a pretty good job. I thought Dawn looked especially good. I could hear a lot of the dialog in my mind’s ear, espcially “Sgt Fury” and “Your butt looks big”. I had hoped that the survivor in the rubble was some version of Anyanka, but I think the actual choice will be a good, crazy antagonist. I look forward to finding out who/what the “boyfriend” is.

I will be back April 4th for the next installment.

I’ve heard that it’s already going into a second printing.

2nd printing confirmed: