Buffy starts tomorrow.

That’s it. IIRC, they are starting at the beginning, so if you’ve ever wanted to see it all, now’s your chance.

Who’s Buffy? Your new girlfriend?

Au contraire, mon ami. In Canada, at least, Buffy reruns started two weeks ago.

Now I’m all geared up for the new season.

This isn’t seasonal re-runs, per se, they are starting from the beginning on FX. All the new stuff will be, of course, on UPN.

Ok, I need help here.

I keep hearing about how great Buffy is. The one or two times I saw five minutes, it didn’t grab me, but I didn’t get who everyone was, etc.

So these are the shows I have really enjoyed in recent years, and made it a point to watch:

six feet under
Ally McBeal
West Wing
I’m 43, I can enjoy Star Wars, Star Trek, Dusk til Dawn, I have no problem enjoying fantasy films if they are well done, well written.

So, is this the right profile for Buffy? Or does one need to be about 20 years younger than I am, and a big fan of 90210 or Party of Five or Dawsons Creek?


Stoid: I’m a Buffy fan, and I also enjoy most of the shows you mentioned (exceptions: Friends and Ally McBeal, neither of which I like, and Six Feet Under, which I’ve never seen). Also, I detest Dawson’s Creek, 90210, and similar teen soaps. Buffy fits in well with most of the other stuff you liked, so you’ll probably like it, too.

Even when I could TOLERATE 90210 or PoF, I was never a big fan of them. (Have managed to avoid Dawson’s Creek entirely.)

But, I’m at this very moment reading a BtVS book (The Willow Files), and have 3 more waiting for me (Unnatural Selection, Revnant, and Spike and Dru: Pretty Maids All In a Row).

I like ER, and Frasier. Detest Seinfeld; have grown tired of Friends and Ally McBeal; West Wing never caught my fancy, and I’ve never seen the others.

I’m 24. It probably does help to be in a similar age bracket to the characters (give or take 4 or 5 years - or decades) to appriciate some of it.

(And, eye-candy wise, there’s some of both sexes, so… ^__^;:wink:

I should have been more specific, thinksnow. The reruns starting from season one started here two weeks ago.

The seasonal reruns are always on.

And they’re already into Season 2. :eek: I’m going to have to start taping them before Season 3 starts (I missed most of it, due to school)

Actually, today we have Invisible Girl. Tomorrow is Prophecy Girl, and season two starts on Wednesday. Friday will be School Hard, aka Spike and Dru’s first episode.

DAmn… Fox is replaying the first season one too, right? RIGHT?

I’m still missing four episodes…

Anyone else appreciate how pleasant the drive into downtown on the Ike is these days?

Stoid, give it a shot. It is well written, with a lot of humor and good character development. Also, depending on your predilections, hot babes, martial arts, and some scary stuff too. Realize some episodes stand alone, while others progress the season’s theme. You you might want to give it a couple of watches if the first one you watch leaves you wanting.

I’ve got my VCR set up, my specially-labeled blank videotapes, and an express warning to all those in my household that I am NOT TO BE BOTHERED Monday-Friday from 7pm to 8pm EST. :smiley:

Countdown to Buffy Heaven… 7 hours, 37 minutes!!!

[sub]hey… anyone want to read my Buffy fanfic? It’s got nekkid Willow and Giles!! Please? Huh? Pleeeeeease?[/sub]


I bought a box of ten RCA video tapes to honor this. Buffy has always been a great show, and one that in the past couple of years I wished I’d had the forsight to tape (Dawsons creek and Roswell, I have, but only a handful of buffy eps). FX has become one of my favorite stations in recent months.

It’s a good thing I got an e-mail today saying that the DVDs of the first three seasons of X-Files I ordered are on their way, since FX is showing the first season starting with pilot of that too on starting today (at 4pmEST today and 6pm from there on) too. Now I won’t need to start taping x-files again until December- or January if I’m a good girl and get season 4 on DVD for christmas. Now, if sci-fi will only bring back American Gothic…

Based on your list - I think you would be in the same category as I am, someone who would like the show but isn’t about to become a Buffy addict. I’ve seen episodes here and there and enjoyed them. And I admit I did set the VCR to tape so that I’ve got something to watch while doing Christmas knitting (but I won’t be destroyed if I miss some).

It’s worth giving it a try or two.

To add to the above, Stoid, I’m a Buffy fan, 30 years old, a mother of four, and I haven’t watched 90210, Dawson’s Creek or Party of Five.

I find Buffy to be a great mix of comedy, horror, drama, action, and just a touch of soap opera. It’s hard to balance all of those elements and keep it good, but they manage! Character development is #1, and where the characters are going emotionally during the season is decided long before they come up with specific storylines.

The one liners kill me, the emotions pull at my heart.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my favorite show. Angel is a distant second. I love this show, because Joss Whedon never takes the easy way out, really gets character development and always surprises me. I never feel that I waste my time watching this show. The show that scared me the most was the one where Buffy was celebrating her eighteenth birthday and the Council was testing her by forcing her to deal with an insane vampire (could they be anything but) while being denied her superhuman powers. Giles was the one who was injecting her with a power deadening potion. That really freaked me out. With the vampire, you knew to be on your guard. But how do you get over being betrayed by someone you have completely trusted with your life, and whose life you’ve saved? That to me is more scary than confronting the vampire. Anyway, I liked the way that bad things happen to good people, life isn’t fair, and it doesn’t have to make sense.

What I forgot to say in my previous post is that I’m . .uh . . 42 years old. A good, thought provoking show is a good show, no matter who it’s target audience is.

Hmm…got my landmarks mixed up, it seems. (Only one I’ve caught is I Robot…You Jane which has Miss Calendar who I misremembered as being only in Season 2. Doesn’t help that I was also reading The Willow Files which opens with IRYJ and the second story in it is Phases - an honest to gosh Season 2 episode, which references Angel’s going bad, which I seem to have back-associated with IRYJ. I know IRYJ ends with the 3 kids talking about the weird turn in their romantic lives…) ::Sigh:: It seems I should hang up my stake. ^__^;

Oh, don’t hang up your stake!! Use an episode guide to keep up.

I can’t wait for Prophecy Girl today. I haven’t seen it, and I hear it’s really good. I’m getting all the episodes on tape, and buying the DVD’s when they come out next year. It’s actually the main reason I bought a DVD player.