Build an invisible wall.

I’m born in an Anglo country.
My parents are from Poland. Why is it that I feel like I’m resented?
Are the Anglos just a big clan? Celtic and so on.
If they’re saying that they must defend their race, language and what not, I’m all for it.
I need every Anglo-Saxon in the world to be happy and strong.
I’m especially afraid for the USA and Great Britain.
There’s a native man, when I was a boy you’d say an Indian (I remember when the word was phased out but I’m surprised that the racial majority, which includes the Québécois in their own province, is still into cultural appropriation, and worse, where the natives are concerned; there was an uproar on the native community’s part concerning it in Montreal just recently) in a Polish prewar travelogue who spends the last years of his life caring for “the children of the men (!) who had killed his family”. Meaning the white Anglo-Saxons.
We want the Anglo-Saxons to never be afraid. To live long and prosper. To survive into the dim future.
Regardless of the excruciating pain people like me experience.
Or, that the rest of the world does because the political and cultural elites don’t care. Especially about climate change, for instance.
Must we fear the anglos? Would they kill to protect their kind in the eventuality of the end of the world?
People like I see themselves as poison from the angle of a certain amount of genetic purity that this majority expects to have.
Therefore I never married nor had children.
Plus I’ve got Jewish great-great-grandparents which made marrying a Polish girl impossible as well. Funnily, I’m a mixed blood and most Jews rejected me on those grounds. I didn’t have a Jewish mother.
I would have to convert to Judaism but that’s out of the question.
My great grandparents converted to Catholicism in 1888.
I mean, I catch myself saying “pauvre France” to my friend Maria Régina.
Just to echo the French who’d look bemused like at me and say “pauvre Pologne”.
Actually, poor Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece, Norway or Sweden.
I feel I belong in the multiethnic substratum. Here, the children look terrified and elated at the same time. They are the future of this country. Canada.
Happily they all have a future here.
The ethnics are even supposed to overtake the two racial majorities here.
But I don’t think that the actual Québécois will allow it. They’re notoriously nationalistic, into sovereignty and their culture is a bastion of chauvinism.
Isn’t it true? The world is built of walls.
Your US president hasn’t invented anything.
He’s a little backward if he’s thinking of building a physical wall.
That’s as old as the great wall of China which, considering how Polish nationalists in Poland explain it, was built by the ancient Poles.
What we get are psychological walls and practical ones, partitioned private cultures, for example. Religion is another embankment.
If President Trump was smart, he’d erect an invisible wall so high nobody could penetrate it.
Oops. Sorry. Yes, sex is also culturally biased in most cases.
Who has mixed bloodlines? Most of us, of course, still there is a definite need for protectionist attitudes regarding genetics and genealogy. It’s scientific. Short of eugenics.
Do you wonder?

Yup. Makes sense.

Yes. Yes, they would.


It is not scientific, race is a social construct and there is no biological “thing” that is Anglo-Saxon.

The British didn’t even have white skin until the Iron Age BTW.

There’s No Scientific Basis for Race—It’s a Made-Up Label

Actually, no. I wonder very little.

I’ve told you no more of these until you learn to make sense.