Bull Drac!

Ahoy Mates!

I grew up in the Southern Baptist Deep South and regularly heard “Bull Drac!” as a substitute for bullshit. I’ve googled the term but found NOTHING, even remotely related. Maybe this is an extraordinarily obscure term ala something out of the Steppes, but surely not. Anyone aware of the phrase or a variant thereof? I’ve asked a few of the old folk and the do spell it “bull drac” fwiw.


Well parts of me have been described as bull like :smiley:

Is “drac” perhaps just a variant of “dreck”?

I have heard dreck used as a euphemism.

Your link goes to Meriam-Webster–which is a usually a pretty good dictionary.
But,in this entry, despite all their definitions, examples and synonyms, and suggested origins of the word, they failed state the simple truth:
Dreck is Yiddish for “shit”.