"Bulletproof Coffee"

Has anyone tried this coffee with butter? Would you be willing to and submit a report to SDMB? :cool:

It sounds strange, but I have read about the famous yak butter tea served in Tibet, and in fact, a Chinese friend has tried it and says it’s wonderful and very sustaining. This seems to be a Western attempt to follow that principle.

Looks like something Paula Deen would drink.

Why? Did you read the page? I think she would hate it.

Salted or not, that’s a lot of butter in your coffee. He’s putting a third of a stick in each cup.

I’ve had that tea several times, and while degustibus non es disputandum, it’s fucking disgusting. This is because the butter is usually rancid. They use the same unrefrigerated butter to make the lamps that light the monasteries, temples, and nomad homes, and also sometimes to carve mandalas. It’s got the texture of soap and it smells bad. Outside the cities, every Tibetan smells of rancid yak butter pretty much all the time.

The first time I had it was in a monastery near Zhongdian in '95 and I foolishly forgot that if you finish something entirely that means you want more. After the first sip and hidden retch, I steeled myself and chugged the entire cup just to get it out of the way. The monks looked delighted, clapped their hands, and poured me another cup. :smack:

Have had Tibetan-style rancid butter coffee in youth, at Buddhist study group. This is waaaaaay down on my list of things I am willing to try again. It’s like someone puked in your Timmies.

Homer: Marge! How could you let me let myself go like this?
Marge: Me? I’m not the one who puts butter in your coffee!

that said, the second I saw the word “toxins” in the linked page, my woo meter went off.

The whole article shouted ‘nut job’ to me. But so would any article about coffee. That stuff is disgusting. I think I’d rather have the donkey jizz.