Bully Beatdown: Wtf??

So there’s a new show on MTV where a supposed “bully” is matched up against a trained MMA fighter and goes three rounds with him. I don’t entirely remember how it works (only submissions in the first round, then punches and kicks, then both I think), but in each round the “bully” starts out with about $5000. However, for each tapout he loses $1000. Invariably, the “bully” gets destroyed and loses all the money.

Words just do not express how sick and ridiculous this show is. It’s literally the equivalent of a grown man beating up a little defenseless kid. How can MTV be allowed to put out such filth?

Well, according to Wiki, 4 of the total of 6 bullies that have been contestants have walked away with money, one of them for the whole $10,000. So yours isn’t really close to an accurate description.

Also, note one of the show descriptions,

Hardly a defenseless child, IMO

I really don’t see how someone who has been bullying other people getting his comeuppance is bad in any way. I’m pretty sure they do it voluntarily. Where’s the problem?

I would not be surprised if the fights are fake and the outcome is determined ahead of time. I remember reading that the channel’s “dating” shows (“Parental Control” and “Next”) were scripted, and with the precedent of pro wrasslin’, it seems even more likely they would fake a fighting show.

Uh, no. Those hits are real. Check out the footage on MTV’s site.

I’m sure the fights are real-ish, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the bully weren’t really bullies and the victims weren’t really victims. Just a way for MTV to jump on the MMA bandwagon.

Ok squeegee I must not have seen that one…

Hate it when The Dope makes me feel like a dumbass :smack:

The crappy part is what squeegee mentioned - a lot of these bullies end up getting money. If the stories the victims tell are true, these guys are pretty big dickheads, and now they are getting paid for being a dickhead. Kind of stupid.

Yeah, I saw the one episode with “Vince” that Squeegee mentioned. This ass had thrown his former roommate through a door (IIRC) and owed the other guy tons of rent money with no intention of paying. I think he also wrecked the guys car and didn’t pay. (Why they don’t just go to the police I don’t know.)

Anyway, I was extremely dissapointed by the beatdown Westbrook put on him. He was clearly outclassed as a fighter, but he didn’t seem hurt at all. I was hoping for something out of Mortal Kombat on his ass. I was so let down I didn’t watch another episode.

Never seen it, but from the description it sounds like the only thing that disappoints me is that the bullies get paid. Their victims should get paid.

Someone said Mayhem - is that Jason Mayhem Miller? Is he a regular on the show? If so I might have to tune in.

According wiki, he’s the star of the show.

I’ve only seen the intro to one episode. In it, a girl was talking about her ex, who apparently stalked her, beat up guys she was dating, and stole her car and totaled it. I couldn’t help but think,

“Why isn’t he in jail, instead of on a crappy MTV “reality” show?”

I don’t like the fact that the fight isn’t a real MMA fight. They tie the professional’s hands.