I asked a question in Cafe Society. No answers, and it’s fallen off the radar. In general- how long, how often & etc are the guidelines for bumping?

If I remember correctly, the guideline is “one bump per thread” and “not before it falls off the front page”.

Generally speaking, Priceguy is correct. Depending on the forum and the nature of the question, the forum moderators may be more generous IF YOU ASK FIRST IN EMAIL.

But the general feeling is that if people aren’t responding after two tries, it’s because no one has anything to say. Again, if you think your situation is an exception (“Holy cow, there were 100 new threads in the half hour after I posted this, so no one saw it on page 17!”), then email the forum moderators.

So- I waited too long in this case, I guess?

Go ahead, Dr Deth, bump it up, and be sure to say (in your bump post) that I OK’d it.