Bumper sticker that best represents your state/area

Is there a bumper sticker that best represents your state/area? Like for NH, the “This Car Climbed Mt Washington” sticker is ubiquitous. South Dakota has “Where the Heck is Wall Drug?”

For MA, my home state, my first guess would be either a Red Sox sticker of some sort, or a Cape Cod Canal Tunnel joke sticker.

So, what are the definitive bumper stickers that define your region?

For New Jersey I see “Exit 0” bumper stickers fairly often which considering my username is extra good. Also that is the exit on the Garden State Parkway for Cape May and means vacation on the Shore.

The other one is “Jersey Strong”, but I think that one is a little off.

We also see a Big Red “R” a lot for all the Rutger’s alumni, students and their parents.

Occasionally seen, “Welcome to New Jersey, NOW GO HOME”. Very Jersian.

“Washatonians Don’t Tan — They Rust”

Probably a sticker from Cedar Point Amusement Park, or a new one for the Cleveland Guardians.

For AZ, sadly, the most representative sticker right now is TRUMP 2020.

“Keep Tahoe Blue” stickers are pretty common around here.

For Missouri, it’s, regretfully, mostly Keep America Great or Make America Great Again or TRUMP 2024 or whatever.

Not our best rep but I see less trump and more guns

Not a bumper sticker but an actual license plate.*

*not the official plate though; you have to pay a premium for it.

For North Carolina, the oval black-and-white OBX (for “Outer Banks”) stickers:

“Stumps of mystery, an Oregon experience.”

“Ohio - the best looking state”

Probably this:

Not my car.

Finger Lakes!

I see these stickers quite often too

I live in Los Angeles, and I can’t think of a single bumper sticker that actually “represents” my area. The one I see most often, though, is the COEXIST one where the letters in the word are actually religious symbols. See that one a ton.

I just saw one of those today for the first time.

“Virginia is for lovers”

One bumper sticker I see a lot in my area is MONTAUK: THE END. Montauk is at the eastern end of Long Island and 90 miles / 2 hours from where I live. It’s a popular and unspoiled vacation spot but not that easy a drive, a lot of it is on a 2 lane road running through small towns with a 40 mph speed limit.

I thought of another one for MA. The ACK oval sticker represents the airport code for Nantucket Island, and the MV sticker for Martha’s Vineyard are extremely popular. I guess the CC sticker for Cape Code is pretty common but the other two are more iconic.

Also for NH anything with a profile of the Old Man of The Mountain–a stone formation that unfortunately collapsed in 2003. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Man_of_the_Mountain

Florida: Still seeing a lot of Trump stickers, and not a day goes by that I don’t see a Confederate flag. However, I do see “Coexist” as well.