Bumpy Decals

I just got this really cool decal of a polar bear lookin all mean on an iceberg for my tire cover. I put it on and it looks pretty good, except for all these air bubbles all over it. I tried popping them with a pin and then smoothing out the bubbles, and that worked ok, but there are so many of them that Id be 185 years old by the time they were all popped and smoothed out. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to smooth out these bubbles alittle bit quicker then my method? Id appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

Tear it off and get a new one, then it’s just a matter of putting it on correctly. Start in the middle and work to the edges with a credit card or something to push the bubbles out.

OOOOKK Um I was hoping for a solution a little less drastic but thanks. I Don’t really want to get another one so I want to see if I can get this one a little bit less bumpy looking WITHOUT having to tear it off…But yea umm thanks just the same.

Listen my son and you shall learn the bubblefree method of installing sticky things and making them look smooth. First, the surface must be clean and dry. Wipe thoroughly with rubbing alcohol and let dry. Mix a solution of dishwashing liquid and water. You want the soap solution just a bit stronger than when washing dishes. Lightly wet the area the decal is to be applied. Carefully apply the decal over the wetted surface and using a squeegy, roller, or other soft flexible object, squeeze out the soapy water. With larger decals, squeeze out the water as the decal is applied. The decal should remain movable for about a minute if something happens but it can be removed and reapplied only once. Reapply the soapy water if you must lift the decal. Wipe away the excess water with a dry cloth. The soapy water will help the air bubbles move easily to the edges. If all goes right, the decal should look perfect.

A couple of warnings. Do not do this on a warm car or in bright sunshine. The water will evaporate too fast. And if after the decal has set you do notice a bubble, poke the bubble at the very bottom and work out as much liquid as possible. If an air bubble is allowed to get hot, the water inside will literally boil causing the decal to stretch out of shape and the bubble will become larger.

Unoftunately , lots of bumps indicate the sticker was applied poorly.

Some are genuine air bubbles where the air is forcing the sticker off the surface.

Most, however, are probably the sticker not following the contour of the surface. Essentially, over each little area, you have too much sticker for the surface. You will try endlessly to flatten out each bubble, only to force the sticker up in another area…

…much like a carpet that was laid wrong. You can push the bubbles and creases from one end to the other, but it won’t help.