'Burgh Dopers, Anyone Going to the Local SF Con?

I realize we’re a pretty anti-social lot around here, but Confluence, the local science fiction convention is coming up and I was wondering if anyone from here was planning on going. Here’s a link to its website.

A good friend of mine is on a few panels, and I’ve always had a good time at them, so I’ll be going. This year’s convention has panels ranging from “Writing Your First Novel” to “The Future of Time” to “Understanding the Fine Points of Grammar” to “Our Blasphemer Is Better Than Your Blasphemer” (wasn’t that a thread in GD?). This year’s musical is the usual unholy collision, this time between Terry Pratchett’s Guards, Guards! and Guys and Dolls.

The hotel’s a bit of a hike from the nearest bus stop and I know not all of us drive, but if anyone’s interested, I might be able to give someone a lift.

Is anyone interested?

I considered it, but… I couldn’t think of a good reason to go.

Someone I know was thinking about going, not sure if he managed to arrange it or not.

This is here again? I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t seen this thread.

I went to Confluence back in 1989 (I think), when it was in Oakland and it was free. I tried to talk to Jack Chalker when I saw him lounging in the hall waiting for his panel discussion to start but he blew me off while drinking his giant cup of 7-11 coffee. It wasn’t a total loss, I saw a couple panel discussions that I enjoyed, discovered John DeChancie, bought some artwork from Robin Wood for my then-girlfriend-now-wife, bought a boxset of the Dune books and an Oz book.

You really got me thinking abou it, but man that’s a long drive from Indiana county.