Burn After Reading (new Coen bros. film) trailer: rated R

Yes, this is a red band trailer, meaning that the cuss words are intact. I am pretty sure the movie comes out this fall, and it appears to be a dark comedy.

Are you up for it?

That looks absolutely hilarious. Like, returning to Raising Arizona-level absurd-funny.

“Report back to me when, uh . . . well, when it makes sense.”

“Back of the car, not, uh, rear entry situation.”

Dude, go with the HQ version.

It’s a Coen Brothers film, therefore I am there first showing. Even their weakest films are better than most.

What gaffa said.

Woah! David Rasche!

That looks hilarious. After Ocean’s Eleven, I’m sold on George Clooney and Brad Pitt working together. Which reminds me, I need to queue up Twelve.

That looks entertaining. Is that the guy from the old TV show “Sledge Hammer”?

Oh man, thanks for posting this!

All my favorite actors are taking part, this will definitely be entertaining.

I’d skip straight to Thirteen if I were you - the middle one’s a shocker.

As for the trailer, roll on autumn; this looks ace, just ace.

I thought so too at first but it’s not showing on his imdb entry.


I think IMDB just hasn’t been updated yet. Wow! Sledge Hammer! won an award

I like that he won the award for a Chekov play, but it still needs to be stated that he played Sledge Hammer! Fun!


It looks hysterical. I thought so about The Ladykillers, too, though, based on the trailer, so I’ll await reviews. And by reviews, I mean Doper reviews, which are the only ones I trust!

I’m totally there.