Burn Notice S4E6 - open spoilers

Not the best, but not the worst.

Job plot - Buddy was fine enough, I suppose, and his acting when he got shot and jumped out the window was believable. Good thing he left the gun at home. I find it implausible that the “Slippery (Wo)Man” would kill 2 people and blow up a warehouse, a car, and a lobby just to steal a sword. It seems really sloppy. Also, didn’t she look quite a bit like Kendra when she pulled off the fire mask? The action was pretty exciting though.

Overarching plot - Some good acting by Jesse and the actor playing Jesse, but I don’t really like how powerless Kendra is right now. It’s less exciting when she’s caged up, not a threat, and everyone is outwitting her, not that she was that smart to begin with.

I have to admit, I think the whole Jesse story arc for this season is a bust. I don’t care about him or his character, and he feels like an unnecessary 4th wheel when it comes to the team dynamics. He doesn’t really bring anything to the show, so the preoccupation with his thread is an annoyance to me (though I still enjoy the show overall).

He was a very interesting character when there was still the threat of him discovering Michael burned him. Now, it doesn’t seem like that will come up until the end of the season/half season. I like him more as an outsider than “one of the gang”.

I agree that Jesse seems unnecessary, like the producers felt that they needed to add a new character and shoehorned him in. (Unless the endgame is supposed to be that he discovers that Michael is the one who burned him and then he goes for revenge.)

How did the team miss that the boss’ assistant was hired not so long ago, and how was that not a red flag? That was the part that was unbeleiveable to me.

And yeah, I don’t like Jesse either. For a counter-intel guy he seems pretty dumb about the way spies actually work.

I’m finding ever larger holes in this show that are making it less enjoyable. I think the Hostage show was the breaking point. You don’t just all tell the cops the same story and then walk away. There are these things called TRIALS and they involve EVIDENCE. They take time, and the evidence has to match the story. No way in hell their story holds up in trial.

That was the worst episode I’ve seen in ages. Not a single part of it was plausible, even within the loose realms of spy shows. It’s like it was written by a fanboy.

I just remembered the funniest part of that episode. At one point, someone (Michael? Fiona? Jesse? Can’t remember) was driving away and Michael’s narration mentioned how nice it was to have rear-wheel drive and 300 horsepower when you’re being shot at. The whole time, of course, we can clearly see that they’re driving a Hyundai. It was such a blatant plug that I debated posting in PSXer’s thread on product placement instead.

I’m personally voting that…

He’s actually a mole sent from Management and will turn out to be a bad guy.

that or he’s fully aware of who he’s dealing with and his job as “counter intelligence” is to get into the group. (A mole for the agency)

We really need “speculation” tags, don’t we?

I like that speculation - and surely it’s not a spoiler? It’s just a theory.

It would make a lot more sense than Jesse being burned just because, um, Michael used his computer once for about thirty seconds. Surely the govt could have checked all sorts of things - cameras, fingerprints, past records, other people verifying where Jesse was at that time - rather than just saying ‘oops, your computer was used - you’re out forever and ever and ever with no money or anything hah!’

If the government burns its agents that easily then it’s amazing they have any left. Have an annoying counter-intelligence agent on your tail? Simply use their computer and they’re out of the business forever. Also, they will have no protection so will have bad guys trying to kill them.

Then, if you want to kill them yourself, it’ll be easy because you know what city they’re in and you know that they have no resources except the few people who are still willing to talk to them (in Jesse’s case this appears to be nobody at all apart from Michael and co. He has no family or friends of his own. If Michael hadn’t taken him under his wing he’d already be dead).

Also, burning is what the government did to Michael Weston after being told that he was a psychotic terrorist who’d murdered hundreds of innocent people and was actively working against the US govt. They treat him the same as someone whose security was breached? Rrrright.

‘It’s a silly spy show’ can only go so far, especially when Burn Notice doesn’t present itself as a comedy.

You’d think by now Miami’s crime syndicates would start to figure out who Michael Weston is and go after him independently.

Yeah - he uses his real name some of the time and is not exactly difficult to find, given the number of non-criminal clients who’ve tracked him down.

And there has now been a ludicrous number of times he’s dealt with some bad guys who’ve told him that they’ll let him off this time, just so long as they never see his face again. I know Miami’s a big city, but it’s not infinite. I suppose if they ever happen to stand next to each other at a bar they just have to whistle innocently, avoid eye contact and pretend they don’t recognise each other.

We have ‘TV nights’ once a week with specific shows brought over by a friend, and the others still like Burn Notice, but my disbelief now requires a ten-tonne hoist to suspend it.

All we need to completely push this thing over into absurdity is a guest appearance by Lucy Lawless as Special Agent Xena Forte’, with Ted Raimi playing a bartender at the club where they meet up.

Lucy Lawless was in season 1. Her character was really great, but unfortunately she won’t be returning.

yeah, it’s not like he drives an instantly recognizable car thats registered in his name or anything - he’s way to smart for that.

Speculation that turns out to be correct still lessens the impact when the twist is revealed, so some might prefer to avoid it.

Really? I guess some people are strange.