Fiona does something stupid... again (Burn Notice)

Well, if anyone saw the season finale…

[spoiler]Once again, Anson’s playing everyone. This works much better as a spy story, however. He uses a mole of his own to sabotage Michael’s plan, while trying to force him to do Very Bad Things as usual. Anson did lose much more than he wanted. He can now count on Michael coming after him with bloody murder in his mind. This will get gruesome. And I foresee a pretty blond being slowly dismembered by Fi, because she never looks kindly on people who pull guns on Michael.

On to Fi doing incredibly stupid things. While I acknowledge that Michael makes errors, he pushes himself extremely hard not to, and to fix whatever comes along. Fi, however, just won’t trust him for five minutes. So she went and turned herself into the FBI to break Anson’s leverage. This is what I call a “Fi being stupid” plot. It works, because she’s blindly emotional and never thinks beyond the next bullethole. And as it turned out, it’s completely useless and accomplishes nothing. Good for her.[/spoiler]

My biggest problem with the episode was the mole, which had been advertised in all the previews.

It turns out to be a chick introduced just 5 minutes prior. Who cares? Make it Jesse, or Michael’s CIA handler. Let it have some impact. Instead, it is just a nobody we don’t care about.

Regarding Fiona’s actions:

At least Michael can come clean now about Anson. He probably won’t, to keep the tension, but it would be the smart move. Also, if this means less Gabrielle Anwar, that is not an issue with me. Maybe she could use some time to eat a sandwich or 12, hopefully in breaks from her acting lessons.

Can anyone explain to me why Michael didn’t just go to Pearce and show her the chip?

Explain about Anson and the blackmail. Have Pearce play along with getting burned just long enough to bust Anson.

He said on a stack of bibles (or the CIA equivalent) that the Anson network longer existed to get his clearance back. They used that clip repeatedly in the episode preview clips throughout the season. Going back and telling Pearce about how Anson has him over a barrel would cause him to lose his new job or worse. Let alone he would have to admit he was an accomplice in the building explosion that’s been stuck on Fiona.

I switch my brain off with Burn Notice. None of it makes any sense, and there’s usually a sequence in the middle where the game changes, but happens so fast I miss it entirely, and I remain confused for the rest of the episode.