Burning Man .. Anyone?

Any Dopers going to the **Burning Man ** in No. Nevada?

Grandfather Trout is en route as we speak.

They still hold it?

Last time I saw a report, people were kind of complaining that it had turned into more of a freak circus than the fun event it started off being. Of course, that might just be a case of “oldtimers” complaining about how things aren’t as good as they used to be.

If anyone goes, please write a follow up thread so we can hear how it went first hand!

They are expecting over 30K to attend.

I thought the whole reason it was supposed to be fun was because it was a freak circus.

Do not listen to people who downlay big events.I went to a couple Mardi Gras and heard it. They were a blast. Went to Key west fantasy fests and heard the same. Bull they are a lot of fun and you cant go back in time .Enjoy.

I live just down the road. I might ride my bike up there and survey from a ridge at a distance. I ain’t paying $300-odd bucks to sit on a dry lake. Hell, I live on one!

Too hard core for me, even though I love crazy festivals. The idea of portaging EVERYTHING in on foot over miles of desert to battle sandstorms and scorpions for a week freaks the me heck out. Maybe when the kids are grown and gone - I just can’t imagine attempting it with a baby.

Oh dear. There’s some misinformation in this thread.

My wife and I have gone the burn for the past two years. We’re missing this year due to a new baby, but plan to attend next year’s burn. Burning Man is very much alive and well with a gate count of about 38,000 in recent years. It is without a doubt the weirdest and most wonderful place I’ve ever been. How weird? Two years ago a group from Michigan built and brought out a rollercoaster; it had cage dancers and flamethrowers.

Denigrating the burn is something of an inside joke among burners with the secondary purpose of keeping the wrong people off of the playa. The event has changed over the years as any vital and growing thing will, but most burners see it as simply that: change.

There are no scorpions on the playa. It sits under water for part of the year and has no permanent inhabitants. I haven’t even seen ants on it.

Children are welcome at the burn and usually have a blast. There are sections of the city that are designated family friendly and camps that cater to children. People are astonishingly well behaved in these parts of the city. WhyNot, I’ll put you in touch with the mayor of Kidsville if you’d like to find out more about it. Almost nobody walks in to the burn. You can drive to wherever you’re camping the same as you could in a state park.

Check www.burningman.com for more information.


I’d love to. I’ve been trying to get there for the last few years, since I heard about it from a friend. I don’t think it’s going to happen though.

Husband is there…he works for State of Nevada. One guy told him to bring a camera to take pictures of Blue Boobs, (good band name), but alas it real blue boobs :eek:

I talked to my buddy there eariler this evening. He was dying to use his satellite phone.

I’m dying to go. Having trouble finding friends to go with. Normally, I’d go alone, but Burning Man seems to be the kind of place where you need a bit of social support. Especially for someone like me, a very inexperienced camper. But man, it looks like such a crazy fun time.

The LA and San Diego areas have very active burner communities. I’d suggest checking out one of their decompressions (regional after-burn event) to see if it’s the sort of thing you’d enjoy. They’re shorter, less intense and happen closer to home than the actual burn.

Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone before you go, that’ll fix itself at the burn. The link in my previous message will take you to a survival guide. Everything you need to know to do well on the playa is in it. You can also find theme camps or local groups that you can attach yourself to at the event.

I know some of the San Diego people and would be happy to put you in touch with them if you’re interested.


I’ve heard of these decompressions. I’ll keep my eye out for the next one.

Yeah, it’s not so much going alone that has me hesitating, it’s my lack of survival skills that give me pause.

Sure. Thanks.