Burning Man help! Information needed!

Hi all,
I’m currently doing a presentation on the burning man festival held in the Navada dessert every year. One of my group members never shows up and I have serious doubts he will be there for our presentation tomorrow. If it is possible, I would like to know about anyones experiences with the festival, either first hand accounts or second hand accounts. If they know of any famous themes that have happened over the years that would be great additional information. Also, if anyone knows anything about the future of the festivial, such as what to expect over the next few years, that would also be very appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

Ummm that’s kinda broad. Sounds to me like it’s not your teammate who didn’t do the work…

Just shoot from the hip and you will do fine. I would spend a significant amount of time focusing on the symbolism of it being held in the Navada dessert. Write each word in big letters on a poster and go over the deeper meaning individually for your audience.

Well, Im trying to get information on HIS part so if he doesn’t show up I wouldnt be totally screwed.

They do have a huge website.

I love you.

General Questions forum rule #8 specifically says “No homework questions,” and this sounds like a homework question to me, so I’m locking the thread.