Buuuuurrrrrrrnnnniiiiiiiigggggg Mmmmmaaaaaannnnn!!!!!

Spent the whole week at Burning man. What a hoot.

It was probably the most amazing, entertaining, mind boggling, bizarre, inspiring, unbelievable, no way to describe, gotta go back, weeks of my life. Imagine 45,000 folks all out to entertain each other.

See my pics here. There’s only a couple of pictures there now, but I’ll keep adding pictures for the next couple of days.

You can’t begin to get the feel of the thing from pictures, but it will just have to do until you get there yourself.

I’m the one in the beads.

Well, uh, how do I say this? Ok, first of all the ridiculous title you chose is not only obnoxious, but also misspelled, which is ironic because you seem to like over-using letters, and your error was an omission. If one were to eliminate the extra letters, your title would read “Burnig Man!”

Many of us have heard about the event, and probably a few of us have gone, yet your post does not a sales pitch make. I know, sales pitches are evil, but seriously, you might be damaging whatever image this gathering has by taking the tone of a person that is damn near out of their mind.

I thought that this:

was especially ironic. You were THERE to watch a man BURN (in effigy, and only in symbolism). Good thing they caught that guy. Good thing that the establishment was there to keep order. Perhaps you’d call them the Gestapo?

Girls show their tits at Mardi Gras, but they don’t try to make it seem like anything serious.

This whole thing sounds like a large group of people saying “We’re here and united, most of us are really fucking high, but we need to stand up to the “man” and stand against societal problems.” Hey, that asshole is starting the fire early! Someone call the cops, I mean oppressive pigs.

To quote the OP again:

This seems to embody the attitude that made me stop smoking pot, that of the amazed retard. I had a lot of fun whilst stoned, but the realization that I was acting dumb, and possibly becoming dumber, made my decision really easy.

Sorry I had to harsh your buzz SandyHook, but someone has to be the first to reply.

You’re the topless chick? … I deleted at least a paragraph’s worth of commentary there. Perhaps I should just duck out now. I will.

Boy, I’m usually the uptight buzz-killer on the SDMB!

So you’re in the next to the last pic on page 1?

ummmmm… Wow! :smiley:

Let’s hope everyone involved was wearing sunscreen.

Burning Man man not be what it “used” to be, but I’d like to go.

To the OP–did it anger you that someone burned it down early this year, or did you pretty much just take it in stride, as one of the occupational hazards of such a festival?

Take a picture, the Mods will shut down that link post haste.

I’ll never get to that point. Ever.

No, you’re not sorry at all. If you were sorry, you wouldn’t have posted such self-righteous drivel. Why not just let the OP share her story without the moralizing sermon?

Note to other Dopers: the link in the OP contains NSFW images.

Was the title miccccccccpelled.

While I understand you may have issues with both the festival and this thread, dnooman, please recall that this isn’t the Pit. If you want to gripe about either, you should probably start a new thread in the appropriate forum.

SandyHook, I’ve disabled your NSFW link. Please remember to observe the “two-click” rule, where, when NSFW web pages are involved, you shouldn’t link directly to them but, instead, link to an intermediate page which, in turn, links to the NSFW site.

Either that or post an unclickable link and let the interested readers cut-and-paste the link into their browsers.

[Offspring voice]Now that’s something everyone can enjoy![/OV]

Oh, I’m self righteous? That didn’t stop you from telling me how I should behave. Speaking of “moralizing sermons”, let’s hear your take on this.

Did I break a rule? If so, please specify.

No mention of a rule violation was mentioned (which is why I posted a note instead of a warning), but you are skating on the edge of being a jerk. MPSIMS is not the forum for tearing apart another’s OP; if you feel the need to do so, the Pit is the suitable forum for that.

No, let’s not. This particular argument can be taken elsewhere.

That’s fair enough for me. I’m not going to further pollute this thread with my presence here.

Um, minor quibble? You didn’t disable it, you flat out removed it.
Analogy: Instead of installing a child-proof closure, you threw out the whole bottle of pills.

If you can’t find better looking boobs on the net, there’s something wrong.

Yes it did. A major part of the experience is, as we found out, the pagentry of the burn. It is really a great show put on, far as I know, by volunteers who spend a lot of time working on their individual contributions.

In any event it wasn’t his to burn at his whim. Also there was the safety issues.

I hope I don’t risk accusations of Jnr Modding by asking- was that really called for?

Now you’re just being deliberately insulting. Your best bet was simply to follow your own advice and stay out of the thread. Do not do this again.

Could we get a disabled link? I’m kind of interested here.
Were they pictures and such of the whole event or just boobs?