Burning Man Starts Today. Is Anyone Going There?

Burning Man Starts Today, Why Aren’t You Going?

What is it?

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i’m not going because i’m in vermont right now. kinda of a trek to the desert from here. wish i was there, tho.


I’ll just burn my own man here in my backyard this year. But if any Dopers are going, I’d love to see your slide show pics!

And Zette, search Cecil’s columns. You’ll find it there in a jiff, I’m sure.


Burning Man is the coolist gathering of artists in the world, starts today (Monday 8/30/1999) and goes to next Monday (9/6/1999). The burn is on Saturday(9/4/1999) , the Opera is on Friday (9/3/1999) midnight, to find out more go to www.burningman.com Pick me up in SF on Friday and I’ll be your friend, even buy you a ticket. ($120 but worth every penny)

Does Burning Man have any credibility left, since tickets are $120?

Geez, it took Woodstock 25 years to become corporate.

It seems that 20,000 people times $120 is a lot of moolah. In reality, BM has to pay Wahsaw County almost 1,000,000 just for their protection services, which are well used. After 13 years, supposidly BM has never made any , but this year maybe a 1st. Still it is worth it. It’s $100 today, then $105 Tuesday, then $110 Wednsday, $115 Thursday, & $120 Friday, etc…