Burning Movies from File-sharing Program?

I recently downloaded a really great file-sharing program that my friend has and after viewing his multifarious selection of dvds he has I felt prompted to download it as well. My question is: “How would I burn the movies I download from it?” I have a Create CD Adaptec, and it has burned games and music before but now I want to burn movies and tv shows. So how exactly (or accuartely) do I burn these movies? Please help, thanks.

Seeing as how its illegal to download copyrighted material, I will assume you are talking about uncopyrighted or public-domain movies and shows. Most likely these are not the kind of things that will appear on TV, though.

In order to burn any video file using Adaptec, you simply create a “Data CD” and drop the files into the blank CD window. Of course, these discs wont play on a DVD player, but they will play on your computer.

Nero has a built-in movie burning option that lets you burn movies onto CDs in a format (VCD, I think) that a DVD player can play. As a result, I have every episode of Jackass on CD, all playable on my DVD player hooked up to my TV, and they were originally downloaded as .mpg files. Surprisingly good quality, too. Not quite the same video/audio quality as you’d find on a regular TV show, but I was able to fit 3 half-hour episodes on each CD.

Oh, please.

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