Burnt Food Causes Cancer

This topic is important to all citizens of the Western World, especially, because of its very high meat consumption to citizens of the USA.

I ask you to accept without further proof or discussion that the initiating post is correct and to understand that all food, especially meat products, that are cooked, roasted, or deep fried at high temperatures undergo a slight chemical change, and contain, if they have been burnt whilst cooking, a small dose of cancerous causing agents. One or two burnt in part meals will not do a great deal of harm perhaps, but 365 such meals per year will. I ask you to examine all food before you eat it and if its charred, burnt, scorched, or been reheated to not eat it [reccommended] or to trim all the outer layer/s burnt bits off and throw then awat. They are poisonous!

To avoid Cancer in young chidlren please exercise great care in purhasing cooked or baked food, please boil your meat more often [alright, i know its not the same] and please refuse to eat any food which is burnt. Please do not attend barbecues, do not eat food burnt over a revolving spit or naked flame, and guard your health.

You know that one person in three will die of cancer, so, why not ask yourself why? Ask yourself what caused Cancer to develop in this person or persons. Please accept that it is the way in which we cook our food, especially meat/s that is the root cause of most cancers. Bowel Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Breast Cancer and Liver Cancer is what we are discussin here. Serious topics.

I would advocate that all domestic ovens are scrapped. I would forbid their manufacture, sale and use. You know about the link between smoking and lung cancer don’t you, well isn’t it about time you realise that when you smoke a cigarette you are in effect cooking BURNT TOBACCO LEAVES, tobacco leaves that have been cooked at high temperatures by burning it between a sleeve of paper.
Do you cotton on - to the connection? Some of you will be saying to yourselves, I have never ever eaten burnt food in my life, well will you to do something for me, the next time you see a street vendor selling hamburgers or hotdogs or sauages have a good look at the food he his selling and the hotplate he is using. You will see that its some of the food is black, filthy, and the black-soot residue on it and the hotplate is a cancer causing agent. If you dare, go on i dare you, take a tissue and wipe the rim of his hot plate with it, the results will sicken you. I promise you, you will never buy another food item from a street vendor again and will maybe avoid fast food chains also. Now i want you to find a shop that sells roasted chickens, i want you to check these for black charred bits? Now, your last and final self check-test, go into any supermarket and turn the baked bread thats for sale up side down, you will find the underside of nearly all bread, cakes, bread rolls and pastrys is scorched and burnt. This food burn is a CANCER CAUSING AGENT. I estimate Americans eat unknowingly maybe 25 /100 million ton of burnt food per year and it is this which is causing the Cancer Plague in our populations.

Both my wifes parents died of cancer, my father died of cancer, thats 75% of our joint parent line, you can stop this toll by spreading the word, by taking this post seriously. Please remember this simple message:** BURNT FOOD COSTS LIVES. **


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