Burnt orange: the "in" color for cars?

Sure, we’ve all seen the occasional regular orange car, usually a sports car. But just lately I’ve been noticing more cars in burnt orange, and they were things like Honda Elements and Chrysler PT Cruisers. Some new trend, or an anomaly? Would you like a car in this color?

UMMmmmm No - My mom once had a stove that color. No way I’m driving around in burnt orange.


I’ve noticed it too and there is no way that I would willingly drive around in such a garish monstrosity.

The color is HUGE 'round here for everything. (Go Texas!) Though I have been surprised at how many cars now have the color as a factory finish. I bet they sell the majority of burnt orange cars in Texas…

Is the color anything like the pumpkin-ish casual shirts that were all the rage around three years ago? If so, havent seem 'em. Still see more school-bus yellows around.

I prefer to refer to the color as “Safety Cone Orange.” If you think the Pontiac Aztek is ugly, you’ve no idea how bad they really look until you’ve seen one in SCO.

Are talking about copper-colored cars?

I think we are talking about the metallic burnt orange that could conceivably be compared to a coppery color, yes - NOT the obnoxious safety-cone flat color. I kind of like it, on the right car.

When we bought our 350-Z (in silverstone), my husband wanted to get the burnt-orange upholstery. I drew the line there - in leather, it looks like a damned basketball - yeccch!

Wow - my ex-fiance bought and restored an AAR Cuda (weren’t all the AARs made in 1970?) and it was burnt orange metallic. I thought it was the ugliest color ever, considering some cars from that era came in cool colors like Plum Crazy. I still think it is unappealing.

There’s a color for Acuras that is not exactly burnt orange. It’s not exactly gold either. Or bronze. Or copper. It’s sort of, well nothing else. Its official name is “Sundance Gold.” Friend of mine calls it “Metallic Nuclear Amber.” You either love it or hate it, but you never lose it in the parking lot.

I think my Kia Rio (2002) is that color. I think mine might technically be called “silver” but depending on how you look at it has tinges of gold and beige as well. But it doesnt sound as glowing as yours.

maybe it’s because I haven’t washed it since I’ve gotten it… :o

Were these metallic oranges? I haven’t seen that a lot around here, but I’ll keep an eye out.

Speaking of funky colours, what do you all think of the metallic gold colour* that Toyota’s been putting on the Echo Hatchback**?

*When the page loads, select “Millennium Gold” for the colour of the car.

**I don’t know how they did it, but a car that looks very malproportioned as a sedan looks damn good as a hatch. :confused:

The gold doesn’t look so bad.

Yes, the orange I refer to is a coppery metallic orange, very bright and noticeable.

When that Nuclear Bronze color first started appearing, I read a car review in the newspaper that compared it to the color of baby poo. To this day, that’s what I think of when I see that color on the road.

Well, it’s more original than silver - aren’t 3/4 of all new cars silver? :dubious:

You also can’t sneak around town any more. A friend of mine got a car in this color, and she is heartily sick of hearing people say, “Hey, I saw you outside such and such the other day… what were you doing there?” :smack:

I believe that is correct. We have a '97 Trans Am that is this color, and it is a real head-turner. It’s the most beautiful car I’ve ever owned. I think they’re calling it Fusion Orange Metallic (which is not represented very well here: http://www.pontiac.com/byo/selectColor.pg;jsessionid=B4S5D1FQ311MACSUR2USCZQKKSHSQIMO?styleId=Base%201SA&style=Base%201SA&pvc=230&make=pg&zip=48226&driveType=AWD%20&makeId=002&model=Aztek&subModelId=78&year=2004&modelId=041&driveTypeId=8&&brand=aztek&originatingBrand=AZTEK&contexLink=style)

Last fall my SO bought an orange Honda Element. In case you haven’t seen them, they are a box on wheels, with what used to be the bottom quarter-panels made of a matte grey/black plastic.

At first we thought the idea of orange was aweful, until we started looking. Any dark color (all of which are glossy) made the matte grey/black panels looks dirty. With the orange, it’s actually a nice contract.

Hey, if you are going to drive a LegoTM on wheels, you might as well have fun with the color

Ford has this color for their Mustang - Competition Orange. I see them all over San Francisco, b/c they’re a popular color as a rental car.