Burt's Bees Fans: Your fave product?

It’s that time of year again, where, if I don’t use some decent lip balm nightly at bedtime, my lips turn to sandpaper. So, I was in Target yesterday, browsing their lip balm selection. I saw some Burt’s Bees stuff. I’ve used the tinted Burt’s Bees before (in fact, still have some in my purse; but I was looking for colorless lip balm).

I was trying to decide between the half-dozen or so iterations of Burt’s Bees lip balms, when I noticed a “Body Essentials” trial pack. The pack included:
Deep pore apricot scrub
Replenishing lip balm
Lemon Butter cuticle creme
Hand salve
Peppermint foot lotion
Citrus and Grapefruit body wash
Milk&Honey body lotion
Radiance day creme

I gave the deep pore scrub to my 18YO daughter, as it seemed like it might be a little “stripping” for my skin. Of the other products, I’ve used the lip balm about four times, and am not disappointed. I’ve also used the hand salve, which seems a little thick and waxy to spread over the whole hand easily. Maybe it’s intended for “spot use” for really rough or cracked skin?

I’ve used the Day Creme once, and it feels pretty good so far, and used the cuticle creme, which I probably really need.

So, what’s your favorite Burt’s Bees product? Anything not in the kit you think I really should try?

I’m looking forward to a nice soak in the Jacuzzi tub tonight, with the body wash, followed by the body lotion and some nice peppermint foot creme, covered up with fuzzy socks to hold it in.

I love the peppermint lip balm and the foot lotion.

I like the Grapefruit & Sugar Beet Shampoo and the Baby Bee Dusting Powder. We also use the Baby Tear Free Shampoo & Wash and the Bubble Bath for the kids. I love the smell of it, but I’ve had two bottles go rancid, so I’m a little scared of it.

Well, I haven’t used my PedEgg since we moved (about two months ago), and my feet are showing it! So my plan is to use the PedEgg after my nice bathtub soak tonight, and follow it with the foot lotion. I suspect it may become a fave of mine!

Thank you for informing me of this! I don’t think I’d have been too tempted to buy it, given that my ‘baby’ is almost 10, but I might have. She isn’t diligent enough about shampooing thoroughly that she uses up body wash/shampoo quickly. As such, I normally let her use a bit of my Bath and Body Works body wash, and a Suave Kids combo shampoo/conditioner on her hair. She showers or takes a bath about every night, but she only shampoos when I remind her! :wink:

She’s not very ‘girly’. :smiley:

I have only ever used the lip balm.

Baby Bee All Better Balm is a fabulous product. My youngest boy has exzema so we have to slather him in body lotion at night, and this balm is the only thing I’ve found that works on his face. It’s a bit like a giant chapstick, but is softer and smells amazing. If his face starts getting red–a day of smearing him with this stuff and it’s completely healed.

The cuticle creme is awesome, especially in winter time. If you have problems with dry/cracking/peeling/splitting cuticles, I highly recommend it.

Lip balm, several times a day. I use the cuticle cream every single night, year round, or I can’t type. I find myself wishing I knew of a place (in Madison, WI) where their entire line is available. I seem to find a few things here and there at grocery stores or pharmacies, but would like a one-stop place.

I’m not so sure about the dry/cracking/splitting/peeling deal, but I do know that I seem to get an inordinate number of cuticle ‘cuts’ (caused by paper cuts, what-have-you) during cold weather. I’m also aware that as I age (I’m edging in on 50 pretty hard), my skin is getting much drier. It makes sense my cuticles would be drying, too. So I’ve put the cuticle creme right in front of my computer, where I’ll be sure to use it!

Well, they do have a web-presence at burtsbees.com where you can shop online.

Well, they do have a web-presence at burtsbees.com where you can shop online.[/QUOTE]

Oh, my my my. I’m in heaven.

I also like the grapefruit & sugar beet shampoo and conditioner. They smell fantastic. Also like the lip balms.

That’s what I came in here to say, too–the conditioner. It’s pricey, though, and my hair is so thick that I get fewer than 10 applications from a tube.

If you like Burt’s, you might also like to check out Savannah Bee.

Love the cuticle cream and I have a love/hate relationship with the almond milk cream. The smell sort of repulses me, but I must slather it on.

I use their chapstick most often, but whenever I dye my hair I go for the Avocado Butter Pre-Shampoo Hair Treatment. It is GORGEOUS. If I could afford to use it every day, I would. It smells and feels delicious, and my hair just feels and looks amazing afterwards.

I’m completely addicted to the plain old lip balm. I have one in just about every room, work and purse!

I also love the cuticle stuff. It works great since I’m a cuticle picker and it seems to heal the wounds I make to myself practically overnight.

The honey lipbalm contains crack, I swear to the FMS.

Heh, I have the same sort of relationship with the almond milk dream. I think it smells odd in the bottle but nice once it’s actually on my skin.

I love the Pomegranate Volumizing shampoo. It’s one of the few shampoos out there that does not contain sulfates. It leaves my hair super clean, soft, and volumized. It’s quite expensive at eight dollars for a teeny bottle, but I only shampoo every 4-5 days. My (long, thick, curly) hair used to get super matted at the nape of my neck every day, but since switching to this shampoo I have had tangle-free hair for the first time in my life.

Their lip balm and cuticle butter are WONDERFUL. I have tins/tubes all over my house and office.