Bus beheading claims another victim

A Mountie who was one of the first on the scene of the Bus beheading in Manitoba six years ago has killed himself from the stress.

So sad.

Always keep anything you value inside the ride at all times.
RIP Mounty

Very sad. I saw a related article that said there have been 13 first responder suicides this year. I know that most departments offer therapy, but I wonder if they shouldn’t do something more? I don’t know that they can make it mandatory however, and if they refuse it (as many do)… :frowning:

I heard that one of the firemen working on the Lac-Megantic disaster took his own life. It’s always sad when something like that happens.

very sad story. :frowning:

while good advice in general, that doesn’t do much to protect you from a schizophrenic individual who randomly decides to lop your head off (which is what happened here).

You’ll be glad to know that the guy who committed the beheading is now considered well enough that he is being allowed to leave the mental hospital for short trips unsupervised. There is no possible way that could go wrong.

(Before anyone protests my comment: I have worked with the mentally ill myself, so I do realize that most are not violent and some of the violent ones do get much better with treatment. However, when someone has an established history of behaving in an extremely violent manner when they are ill, I think the extremely serious potential risk of something going wrong far outweighs the benefits of letting them wander off from the hospital).

So the “bus” part is really quite irrelevant, is it (or something only Canadians will understand)?

Short trips don’t require public transit.

Who’s the damned fool who thought this would fly?