Busch Signature Copper Lager review

Busch Signature Copper Lager.

Anybody else find it strange that Anheuser-Busch would attempt to make a craft brew out of one of their cheapest priced products?
Busch wasn’t always a budget brand beer but for at least the last 30 years it has been.

It’s easy to see what they did here: take the same ingredients as Busch beer, roast the grains a bit, and age it a few days longer to allow the yeast to produce more alcohol. Same as Busch but IMHO better.

The pour is lovely copper with an off white head that is frothy but dies quickly. Zero lacing on the glass. Very grainy aroma with a hint of caramel and bakery. The roasted grains comes out with some subtle caramel. What waters down the thrill is the absence of hops. This would kick ass if there were even a slight hint of bitter aftertaste. But there isn’t and it’s a real downer because this is actually overall fairly good with a disappointingly dull finish.

I am giving this higher praise, though, due to it’s value. I paid $3.98 for a six pack of pints! That’s cheaper than Milwaukees Best for crying out loud! Where else are you getting 96 ounces of beer for under four bucks that isn’t ice beer or malt liquor???

For what it is this is above average. For the money it’s very good! Even though it tries to look like one it certainly is not a craft brew. But for the money I would certainly drink this over Beast, Blatz, or Natty Light. This is one of the best cheap beers I’ve had in a long time!

That does sound good value - A bit of a weird combination these days- strong ale that tastes bland. I don’t mind a mild-tasting session ale, but almost by definition that means 3-4% alcohol to me. I’ll try it out next time I am in the States - doubtful that it would make it’s way to the UK.
No doubt the students will be pounding it if it’s $4 for 6 pints.

This kind of thing is going around. It’s the Big American Brewer’s response to the popularity of craft beer. I myself am waiting for Miller’s Fortune. 7% abv, and filtered.
Filtered is important to me lately, because as it turns out, yeast aggrivates my gout. (sucks to be me)
[nitpick: Aging does nothing for the abv of a beer. That’s finished before aging would even take place.]

No, the longer the yeast is allowed to ferment the sugars is what creates alcohol. I simply used the term “aging” for the masses, Mr. Knowitall!
And it’s the malt (barley) that contains the majority of the purines that contributes to gout, not just the yeast. I have the scourge too (proof there is no God and he hates me!).

I’ve already tried Miller Fortune. Here is my review:

$5.99 for a 6 pack of twelve ounce bottles. Aroma is very fruity as others have said. Pour is nice gold with almost no head. What head there is dies almost immediately. Fruity aroma is nice I must say. Very fruity flavor with a weird fruity/cherry taste. THICK mouth-feel with artificial fruit and cherry flavor. The cherry taste is light, so if you aren’t getting it I understand. Alcohol content is virtually undetectable until the swallow. Upon swallow it comes across like cough syrup. Pretty good as an alcohol delivery system. Finish is WAAAAAYYYYY too quick. Some wood and other bullshit in the backdrop. Not the bourbon whiskey thing we were expecting, is it folks? For a quick drunk it’s pretty good. Otherwise only mediocre!

I gave it a 2.8 out of 5.

“Some wood and other bullshit in the backdrop.”…
I love it!

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