Bush and Kerry Sing! (JibJab.com flash)

So funny, I don’t even mind laughing at my own candidate!

That’s pretty dang funny!

www.jibjab.com has some other really funny political animations… Last election they had a great Rap Duo with Bush and Gore. Unfortunately jibjab seems to have gone pay or I’d link to some of their other stuff… Maybe atom films has them…?


Jibjab is great. And this cartoon is hands down the funniest thing I’ve seen all year. They were pretty merciless with Kerry… and I’m a supporter… and I still laughed my ass off!

I remember the rap from Election 2000.

I’m amazed that I’ve posted this three hours now and no-one else seems to have commented on it.

That’s a good bit. I also loved that one with the rapping forefathers from a few years ago.

HPL beat you to it, Askia.

<Cartman’s voice> Gawd-dammit! </Cartman>

Well, I only noticed it. I didn’t make it, so I can’t take credit.

Loved W on the bomb, and I can’t look at Kerry anymore without thinking of him saying “But I still won three purple hearts”.

Unfortunatly, I’m never going to get their imagine of Kerry

In bondage gear out of my head.

Pretty funny, got some laffs out of it—but it always annoys me when people do song parodies and don’t bother to make the lines rhyme. With all the online rhyming dictionaries out there, that’s just laziness.

Cole Porter woulda made it rhyme—hell, Mad magazine woulda made it rhyme!

But still, pretty funny. I love Clinton, but snorted happily at his cameo: “Wha’d Ah do?”

This cartoon was featured on the NBC Nightly News last evening (7/20/04).

It’s been featured at least three times on local TV news broadcasts on CBS and NBC since Monday (7/19/04), here in Columbus. That’s why I thought I was posting something new. Never once occurred to me to check another forum to see if someone beat me to it already. I HATE posting a duplicate thread.

That said, as funny as it is, it did go easier on the incumbent than the challenger. Kerry is depicted as a wealthy, elitist, Purple-Heart bragging, Botox injecting, waffling, liberal weiner, at the mercy of the UN and knocked for his resemblance to Herman Munster. Bush is mostly harped on for being stupid and gung-ho.

Who is the woman that Clinton is supposedly groping? Her face looks familar, but I haven’t been able to place her.

The animation is great. My friend and I, who are at different ends of the political spectrum, laughed our asses off watching it.

Another thing that I was wondering about.

And I’m just paraphrasing here because I couldn’t pause the clip.

There’s a part where Kerry calls Bush an ‘moron/idiot’ and there’s a blackboard filled with equations with greek symbols on Kerry’s side (voice over: I’m an intellectual…) and something like 9+3=14 on Bush’s side.

Is the math on Kerry’s side real?

I’m wondering how they came up with the stuff on the blackboard. Cut and paste something lifted out of a physics textbook or just type in some jobbledyjook (sp?).