Is this website left or right wing?

It’s a enjoyable little parody of the present presidential race:

I would like to know if you think it’s biased (and to what side and how much), and what side of the isle you are on.

For me I think is it slightly biased to the right, and I define myself as a conservative-libertarian.

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Damn it, I wish people would stop linking to that site, talking about how funny it is, etc. Every time I try to go there myself, it says it’s too busy. I still haven’t seen this stupid little animation, which is apparently so funny, but by now I’ve probably gotten myself over-anticipatory and it won’t possibly be anything but a letdown
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Here’s a mirror MaxTheVool

I didn’t think it was biased either way to any notable degree. Both of them were depicted as putzs, which is pretty true.

The website itself is run by two brothers, who want to use it to sell thier IT business – i.e. it is not political.

Having said that, I think the cartoon itself leans a bit right – just slightly.

The criticisms of Kerry are that he looks like Herman Munster, uses Botox, is a liberal weiner who’s a UN pussy and waffles indecisively. He’s bragging constantly about his “Three Purple Hearts!” and is cast as being elistist and overly intellectual. (“And yes, it’s true I’ve won it thrice.”)

With Bush, we get seven variations of “Boy, is he stupid” and some Texas machosimo. Slyly, Bush reminds the viewer that he “kicks ass” and offers hundreds of dollars in tax breaks.

Bush gets the better graphics when he’s calling Kerry names, too - y’notice?

It leans to the right but they sure get a lot of mileage out of those “Bush is stupid!” jokes.

Is it true Kerry’s got THREE purple hearts?

There might be a bigger list of jokes at Kerry’s expense, but surely the least desirable attribute in a President is a lack of intelligence? I think that surely the Botox and Herman Munster things don’t even rank next to being brainless.

Yes, but remember it’s showing BUSH saying than Kerry is a weiner. And KERRY calling Bush stupid. The message I took was that this is the level of political debate.

Visually, John Kerry is depicted as a monster, a giant weiner, a mathematician, a rich snob, a Vietnam soldier in a patrol boat, a Purple Heart recipient (three times), an indecisive Senate waffler, a leather-clad S&M masochist, a baby, a dove-releasing hippie, and a Botox patient getting jabbed in the face.

Visually, Bush is depicted as a cowboy (twice), a sword-bearing 16th century crusader, a cap-wearing dunce, befuddled at a podium, brainless (literally receiving one from Kerry), misspelling “Mass-uh-chew-sitts”, and incorrectly adding 9+3 = 14, decked out in combat gear, riding a tank and riding a nuclear missile in an homage to Slim Pickens in “Dr. Strangelove.”

Bush is shown dancing with Dick Cheney and his dad.

Kerry is shown dancing with VP nominee John Edwards and John McCain, who screams “Yeee-ahhh!”. (What’s up with all the Johns?)

Bush gets in the first and last word.

So it’s skewed to the right, but not outrageously so. Bush definitely gets the better sight gags in at Kerry’s expense, but Kerry’s responses are pretty good.

I’m a liberal and I thought it went both ways.

So Kerry won the purple heart “thrice!” That’s funny!

That was Howard Dean. Remember him? Yeah, I had to look up his name, too… :smiley: