Bush bashing thread(s)

I don’t want to bash Bush more than necessary (read that any way you want), and I don’t think that politics should sully sports, but…

As I was walking past Fenway Park yesterday, just as a game was about to start, I saw a guy with a t-shirt that said


Cracked me up, it did.

Damn coding.

Damn punctuation.

Damn Yankees.

One might have thought he’d still have a warm place in his heart for the Rangers.

I absolutely despise the Philadelphia eagles. My disdain for them has led to me loathing everything associated with the state except for, of course, our Pennsylvania dopers which seem to be a pretty fair lot (and Pittsburg fans… I likes the Steelers).

Recently a new neighbor moved in around the corner. I’ve no idea what he was thinking but he promptly dethached and scalped a perfectly good lawn, plus dug up a fair portion of the sprinkler system. What used to be a nice yard now looks like a series of foxholes dug into a desert scape. This right as summer’s heat and a drought hit our area. Chickweek and crabgrass are now the only green and his yard is the ugliest thing this side of a gravel pit.

For some unfathomable reason, and this cracks me right up, the neighbor has chosen to proudly display a large silk banner from his porch proclaiming that the owner of all this unsightly mess hails from, heh, Penn State.

Well, that’s preferable to his being an alumni of Delaware Valley College, aka Tractor Tech, the ag school up in Bucks.