NYers and the Yankee fans are Wimps (Satan Too)

What is it with you people?

You are supposed to be all mean and nasty. You are supposed to be hateful to your fellow man. You are supposed to be loyal fans of the Yanks. We were beaten yes, but we expect you to punish us on this board.

I asked Satan for his best shot and the best he has been able to do is suggest that the Braves were using foam tomahawks as their bats.

What is it with you people?

I asked to be punished. I asked to be flamed. I told Satan to take me to the pit if necessary.

Where are your vile words? Where are your insults of my team?

Well your team sucks. Your fans are not fans they are pansies. At least the Mets fans would throw batteries at us. At least they would make fun of Chipper’s name. But you guys make me sick.

Had the Braves won, we would have given you heck. We would have berated you to no end.

Where are you guys? Where are your flames?

Satan I challenge you. The gauntlet has been thrown down. I have repeatedly smacked you over the head with my foam tomahawk.

Come and get me.


There are a few factors at work. First, we win a lot. A whole lot. So as you can imagine, busting the chops (heh) of every foe we vanquish gets tiresome. We have to save that vitriol for the Sox.

Second, we’re actually pretty good sports when we win. Sore losers of course, but again, that happens less often. We’re not in good practice at losing.

Third, I was secretly hoping for a game five, for three reasons. I didn’t want to have to say nice things about Clemens. Many of my friends are in the bar trade, and could have used the extra income another game would have generated. And I have game 5 tickets.

Anybody want to buy some World Series tickets, cheap?

But, you seem like a good guy. So to appease your need for abuse, I’ll try a little insult.

You mentioned in the “HOW ABOUT THOSE YANKEES” thread that I’d have to go to Atlanta to see a parade next year.

I’m surprised you invited me. You see, the last Yankee to go to a parade in Atlanta was Sherman. I don’t recall that having worked out to well for y’all.

Livin’ on Tums, Vitamin E and Rogaine

(Note to self: Add Ohio and California to list of “Yankee” states.)

Here, here, Manhattan!

Beating a Braves fan after the whooping the Yanks just gave them makes anything I could say positively redundant.

Though to foul up your plans, I will say that the Braves are a good team, and I expected more of a battle from them.

You see, New Yorker’s are good winners.

When you win as much as The Yankees have, you get good practice in grace.

Yer pal,

I’m not a Yankees fan, so I can’t take exception to your anti-NY vitriol.

But why should anyone be a jerk to an Atlanta fan? It’s obvious that anyone who likes the Backstabbing Media Mogul’s and his Commie Hosebeast Wife’s pet team is already in bad enough shape. Either your completely fucking nuts, in which case you deserve pity and incarceration, or you’re a know-nothing, Skoal-dipping, inbred, sister-screwing, cross-burning Georgia 'neck without a pair of brain cells to rub together and deserve only to be put down like a rabid dog.

Either way, there’s no need to flame you.

(wondering if he should have put in a little winky-face . . . nahhh)

damn typos, screw up an otherwise nice flame . . .

Manhattan, I did not say I was going to let you leave did I?

I have plans for you my friend.

Gracious winners. If the posts from you guys gets out, the whole world will change their opinion of NY and they will all want to move there.

You sissies. My 3 yr old daughter is meaner than you guys.

Andros, I am more of a copenhagen man myself. But the rest is fairly close. Except it is your sister I am screwing. I can arrange to have a cross burnt in your yard.

Pull out the flame throwers guys. Your sweetness makes me sick. I am about to go into diabetic shock from the sugar alone.

Heatherlee should wear the strap-on at least one person in your relationship should have a penis.


Hmph. Headline should’ve read:


The Yanks won. Groovy. BFD. When the Twins won, it was due to the careful nurturing of players from their days as Class-A farm hands all the way through the majors. When the Yankees (Braves) (Marlins) win, it’s just another example of some rich owner spending enough money in order to accumulate enough premier players to satisfy his own over-inflated ego.

The Yankees won?

Mercy, with all the rich cultural and social life around us here in the big city, it’s easy to lose track of things like baseball games.

Tra la. It’s cocktails and an early dinner at Le Bernadin, then off to the opera for mine. That scamp Jimmy Levine’s doing TRISTAN tonight.


Rys, I generally agree, but I don’t think the Braves or the Yanks fit the desciption. Let me state that I hate both teams being a life long Chicagoan. The only Braves talent that I recall them outbidding the league for is Maddux (insert cussing here), and Galaraga who didn’t play this year. Everyone else is homegrown, or some old veteran the got for a bargain price. The same goes for the Yanks, they bought Clemens (sorta) and Knoblauch (not really a catch), and Girardi (cussing again). Everyone else is home grown. The money was necessary to keep all that talent together, but they brought up good players, most teams can get that right.

What Omniscient said, minus the attitude rooting for teams in the second city who finish in the second tier of their respective divisions will do to a man.

I have a basic attitude here, Jeff. Root for your teams in the bad times, or you have no right to celebrate the good times.

You are in Atlanta, and I firmly believe that you would support your team in bad times as well as good. So I cannot disparage you.

I WILL however, comment on your belief that The Braves were going to win the series. I am hopeful you are not a stock broker with predictions like that…

I have been a Braves fan as long as I can remember (they have been in Atlanta all my life) and up until the 90s they have not been that good.

I understand the support of your team. I am glad you understand mine. I have to believe they will win.

No, I am not a stock broker. I would be in NY then. I am a Database Analyst.

We beat the Yanks 2 out of 3 in the reg season, so I have reason to believe that they could do 4 out of 6 in the post season.

BTW, Torry (sp) did not do that well when he was the captain of the Braves. I guess there is much more to it than just the skipper.

John Shurholtz (sp) has done wonders for us. I am expecting no worse next year.

I will now end my tirade.


During the “Dark Years” for the Braves that was the '80s, Torre took the Braves to a division championship, with onkly a couple of good players (Dale Murphy, Bob Horner) and no pitching.

I don’t think you can fault him… Until you got your rotation good for all of the '90s, his post-season appearance was a shining beacon in Braves history.