Bush crowd boos Clinton health news. The lie.


First the AP reports thus

Weeeee minor problem. The bold part is a flat out lie.

Audio proof here

Sooooo the AP puts up a revised version here
Good thing that they actually fessed up to the lie, right? Well no…no mention.

And of course…the lie spreads

and spreads

and spreads

…well you get the picture. (plenty of other stories for your googling pleasure)

For your convienence…the predictable responses:

From the hard right…see! PROOF of the media’s liberal bias!

From the hard left…Ahh big fucking deal. Bush is evil. I’m sure the crowd was thinking it even if they weren’t saying it…and anyway its not as bad as the Swifties. Did we mention that Bushco is evil?

How about a different response?

The left blogs I trust (talkingpoints, daily kos, atrios) gained points when they corrected themselves the same day (some did it the same hour) the AP report came out.

But then again, just so you don’t feel silly:

“Virgin combat boots” Bush is evil, ok? :slight_smile:

And yet another response: Who was the AP stringer that reported this?

I mentioned the matter in the 'I pit some of my fellow Wisconsinites thread. There needs to be a damned good explanation from the Associated Press, and they really need to fire Tom Hays, the stringer responsible. (Funny how they pull the byline in the revision.)

And people wonder why the appellation ‘Liberal Media’ sticks?

The audio proof that you offered was too short too judge the total response. I would have to hear the entire response uncut before I would know whether people began booing.

I did hear the President’s good wishes, which I thought were gracious, on NBC news and noticed that they were cut short. I wondered why at the time. If people began to boo after the initial cheering, that would explain why.

Are you able to provide a full clip? I make no assumptions one way or the other until I hear the uncut version.

I don’t get it. I listened to the audio snippet at beagledave’s link and all I heard was this (paraphrasing):
President Bush: “We heard that Mr. Clinton has been hospitalized. [pause] We wish him a speedy recovery” and then some clapping and possibly booing. I don’t hear where President Bush told people to stop booing.
The booing (if any) sounded pretty faint to me - like it wasn’t coming from a large group of people.

Or is the OP saying that the lie resides in the reporter claiming that people were booing, when in reality no one was?

Actually, you do get it. There was no booing on that clip. The AP stringer misrepresented the facts in the original story and claimed that the crowd booed…


The lack of journalistic integrity from the AP reporter is inexscusable, he should be fired.

Listened to the clip multiple times. At 0:22, within the initial surge of reaction just after the words “swift and speedy recovery” there is a hooting sound - it’s a low “oooo” sound, not a “yaaaay” sound like the rest of the crowd or the higher-pitched Spring Break “Wooooo!” sound - which is quickly drowned out by the applause. My personal conclusion: it sounds like there was a handful of yahoos booing, but they were hardly typical in their reaction. I too wouldn’t mind hearing a longer clip.

Saying “there were no boos” appears to be false.
Saying “Bush did nothing to stop the booing” is disingenuous; he didn’t have to.

My guess is constant repitition by people who desperately want to believe it.

That sounds about right.

It is inconceivable that the crowd would have embarrassed Bush in such a manner, and much less that anyone other than Fred Phelps (who has condemned Clinton to hell) would be pleased to hear this news. The almost inaudible sounds that people say they hear could just as well be “Oooo” as in “that’s horrible” rather than “Booo” as in “Clinton sucks”. Even my wife, who despises him with a passion, reacted with, “Oh no,” when she heard the news. There is simply no evidence of any boos, not from witnesses and not from videotape. The AP reporter did this deliberately, and anyone who makes an issue of this is a jackass of the first order and will alienate every decent person who hears him.

Incidentally, Phelps has now also condemned Cheney to hell (for his “dyke daughter”, of course) and President Bush for keeping Cheney on the ticket.

I’m the most die-hard Bush-hater, but even I blame the media for this one. In the audio clip, that wasn’t booing. It was cheering.


It appears I may have goofed in my predictions regarding certain elements on the board.

I truly did not anticipate that someone would “listen to the clip multiple times” to pick out a “possible” boo type sound at 22 seconds…the EXACT sort of analysis that I’m sure the AP writer did before, you know, “reporting the news”… that Bush’s audience of thousands in West Allis, Wis., booed. :smack:

And I didn’t anticipate the tin foil hat response that the clip was just too darn short to form an opinion…that indeed

:smack: It’s actually a CONSERVATIVE bias in reporting…the evil conservative reporter (and tv news outlets yadda yadda) didn’t want to let on how bad the Bushco crowd was.

Apologies for not including that type of thinking in my initial predictions. I truly am humbled. :wally

What, again?

I find it impossible to believe that, in a crowd of thousands of Bush supporters, not one person booed. Not one lout in the whole bunch? Are Bush supporters that suave? Some people hate Clinton with fervor equal to hating terrorists or bad drivers. Hate is hate. Is it possible that the AP reporter was actually at the event, and happened to be standing near the boo-ers? Do people even cover any events live anymore, or do they all rely on sound clips and videotape?

Yes, the AP reporter deserves the smackdown for shitty reporting. But trying to make it a moral issue by saying not a single person booed inappropriately is ridiculous. Wasn’t there a small group on these hallowed boards that cheered Reagan’s demise? People aren’t saints. Not even Bush supporters.

Good thing that my OP claimed that “not a single person booed”, making this response meaningful and on target!

Oh wait, no I didn’t. :smack:

Perhaps you have a comprehension problem…so I’ll break down the two sentences for ya…

  1. Bush’s audience of thousands in West Allis, Wis., booed. <= Umm no. The audience (as can plainly be heard on the above audio link) did not boo. A single person or two booing (if that happened…I can’t tell one way or another) does not make an “audience booing”.

  2. Bush did nothing to stop them. <= Because there was “nothing to stop”. If there was just “one person” or a “small group” booing…nobody would expect Bush to “do something” to “stop them”. The obvious expectation from the SECOND sentence is that lots of folks were booing and evil Dubya SHOULD have done something, but didn’t. It’s not just the first sentence…it’s the second sentence.