I pit some of my fellow Wisconsinites

As many of you already know, former President Clinton is going in for surgery tomorrow. President Bush said he wished him a smooth recovery as part of a campaign stop here in West Allis. The audience booed at the mention of Clintons name.

I hate President Bush, but I don’t think i really fault him for not saying anything. He wants those people to vote for him and somehow I can’t see a polititian telling people to grow the hell up. I do however pit these people.

What the hell are you people. How on earth do you wish death on another human being without somehow loosing your own soul.

Sorry. I am appaled and furious and I suck at pitting, so if anyone thinks i am on base I hope you will help pit these folks to the degree they are entitled.

I’d like to see a videoclip of that. I was watching on FNC when GW spoke, and I didn’t hear any boos.

I know it seems a little eerie, but for whatever reason, Bush and Clinton seem to get along well. I recall the almost Twilight Zonish footage of Bush praising Clinton in the White House for his leadership and optimism, or something like that. No smirk. No hint of insincerity. And I’ve seen Clinton being very careful always to avoid any direct criticism of Bush. Just odd is all I’m saying.

West Allis… damn those people are sheep.

Not an area of Milwaukee I ever liked being in. You go there and it’s like returning to the time and fucked up values of the 1950s.

Those people were assholes for booing Clinton, though with the way the RNC has been spreading the hate, is it any wonder that those who take the message hook, line, and sinker respond to such things like people in a studio audience who see an applause sign?

Much ado about nothing. (Well, not ‘much’ ado, per se…)

Quoting the Drudge Report as support for your claim?


You are pathetic and so is your transparent shilling for the current ruling crop of Republicans and their lies.

You stupid shitstain, RTFA.

From the local papers transcript of the event:

And then, you brainless dungmonkey, notice that the AP pulled the booing part from their article.

It’s possible to link to the actual audio through Brutus’ link. I heard no boos. What did you say about lies, Mockingbird? Are we going to get a retraction?

In the other, closed pit thread where Clinton’s heart problems were first noted on this board, There was no gloating by anyone, although one poster briefly (and incorrectly) thought otherwise.

I wonder, if the situation were reversed, and it were Bush in the hospital, if the SDMB anti-Republican mob could restrain its glee. I doubt it.

To make it easy: Link to the audio.

I think they were saying boo-urns.

There must be something about having had the job that creates an old boys club. At Nixon’s funeral, I would not have been a bit surprised to have seen Clinton dance on his grave, but he was very sincere and collected throughout. I believe it would take extreme provocation to get an ex-President to clearly and unequivocally chastise a sitting President, even if they’re against him.

I agree. It’s the “It’s the hardest fucking job in the world, and nobody knows just how hard except someone who has done it” vibe. The other guy may be a political opponent, but you know just what he goes through, every minute of every day. If you’ve done it, you identify.

I do not particularly agree with Bush’s politics, or of most of the opinions of Mr. Brutus. However, he is right on this one. Take the moral high ground: Admit the oversight and walk away. Anything else only obscures the reality that Bush, and his supporters, have many other negative qualities that we can focus on.

‘Oversight’? The idiot had but to click a link. No moral high ground for him.

Gotta side with **Brutus ** here. Sounds like applause to me.

The original story carried the report of “boos” by the crowd. However, it was proven false and thusly changed. The OP was therefore apparently wrong. Nonetheless, I will give you the same advice Brutus. Take the moral high ground, be gracious.

Here’s a big problem I have with the mass media. Thousands will have seen the original stories of the boos, and will therefore believe the crowd was, in effect, cheering for Clinton’s death. But they don’t have access to the SDMB and most people don’t read retractions and corrections. They go with what sounds good the first time.
One more thing. Mockingbird, West Allis is a great city. I lived there a year before moving to Milwaukee. You’ve proven you have no idea what you’re talking about.

I lived in Milwaukee for five years, you insipid piece of shit.

It shouldn’t suprise me that a shill like you would have lived there and probably was having an affair with pkbites like the soon to be former governor of New Jersey.


The APs behavior in this case is fucking deplorable. The put up a bullshit story, changed it, pulled the by-line (Tom Hays), and have offered no explanation. Nope, no liberal media bias to be seen. :rolleyes:


What’s the matter, Mockingbird? Don’t have the balls to admit when you are blatantly fucking wrong?