Clinton undergoing quadruple bypass surgery?

I’m stuck here without a lot of news sources but this was just relayed to me. Anyone else heard this and, more importantly, what his short and long term prognosis might be? Can only find a small bit on ABC. No details yet.

Well, it appears to be breaking news. Here’s the only link I came up with.

CNN just has a headline that he’s been told he needs the surgery. I don’t think it’s a big deal; bypass surgery is almost routine these days.

Heh. Just kidding.

Here’s a whole bunch of 'em.

From ABC News who said the surgery will occur tomorrow:

The severity of Clinton’s coronary problem was discovered after tests this morning at Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, N.Y., a source said. His coronary results were not favorable and he was found to have multiple lesions, the source added.


ABC News’ medical editor Dr. Tim Johnson said that without more information, it’s hard to know how serious Clinton’s situation is, but that he very well could enjoy a healthy recovery.

“It’s a very routine operation,” Johnson said. “He has in his favor that he’s a relatively young man and in other ways appears to be in relatively good health.”

Holy cow, you’re pitting the man for having surgery? I’m not fan of Clinton, but this is beneath contempt.

No matter your political stripe, let’s hope and pray the Bill comes out all right. Chelsea’s too young to lose a dad.

Heh, hardly. I thought I was in MPSIMS and have already emailed Lynn suggesting it should be moved.

Oh-My-God, I just heard something on the news. Better open a Pit thread. :confused:

Lib, you were kidding, right?

And BobLibDem, my sentiments exactly.

Read his fucking OP, jerkwad.

It’s perfectly clear from the content that lieu was simply asking for more information about something he hearde. There wasn’t a single derogatory comment about Clinton, nor any expression of happiness or anger or whatever at the fact that he might need surgery.

Any reasonable person would have arrived at a reasonable conclusion—that, for whatever reason, the thread was started in the wrong forum.

Glad to hear this was intended for MPSIMS. My brother just underwent this same surgery. God go with President and Senator Clinton, and their family.

Sorry lieu: i guess my little tirade means that they might be reluctant to remove this from the Pit.

May I suggest that you get a grip? If indeed you believed this was intended for MPSIMS, why railroad it with insults, cursing, and shrieking hysteria?

I saw the following comment on another board, and thought it summed up my feelings pretty well:

“Hang in there, pal. Your fellow junk-food aficionados like me are praying for you all the way…”

I “railroaded” it?

Remind me again, who was it that described the OP as “beneath contempt” for asking, essentially: Hey, does anyone know anything about Bill Clinton needing bypass surgery?

And who didn’t even have the decency to apologize for that remark when the OP made perfectly clear what everyone else in the thread already knew?

On occasions you show yourself to be more disingenuous than anyone i have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.

What the…? Do you have some kind of homing beacon aimed at my ass? Why didn’t you say something to John Mace, you petty little snot?

If i had a homing beacon, it would be aimed at your head, but i can understand how you might confuse that with your ass.

I didn’t say anything to John Mace because his comment was merely about the necessity of opening a Pit thread about a rather unamazing piece of news, or at least that’s how i interpreted it. At worst, his post was a bit sarcastic.

He did not accuse lieu of pitting Clinton for needing surgery, and did not describe the OP as “beneath contempt.”

You are a fucking raving loon at times, you know?

It really makes you think, doesn’t it? Is it truly worth a lifetime of not eating those extra cheeseburgers with an order of fries if all you get out of it is that you don’t have to have a routine operation in your fifties? Hell, no, I say - SuperSize that sucker!

Looks like he ate one big mac too many.