Bill Clinton has heart procedure after reporting chest pains

Not too many details yet. He’s reportedly receiving a stent treatment. he had a quadruple bypass not too long ago. He needs to lay off the cigars and the babes amd the burgers already.

You call that livin’?

BBC report.

Presumably the jogging was of the horizontal variety. :slight_smile:

He did most of his jogging on the Appalachian Trail.

Dio, your title is misleading. From the article you linked:

A hospital source said that Clinton called the head of cardiology at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital two days ago, saying that he was not feeling well. Clinton was originally scheduled to come in to the hospital Wednesday but postponed the appointment until Thursday

No dramatic rushing to the hospital involved.

Of course he rushed to the hospital – he stopped at Fatburger and was running late.

They updated the article. That part wasn’t there when I first posted the link. It was originally just a few lines with no details. There were several headlines when I did the Google News searched that also used the word, “rushed.”

I could edit the title if you like.

Obligatory link to SNL skit on Hulu.

Glad to hear he’ll be okay.

I guess you could just change it to “Clinton hospitalized,” but that doesn’t sound nearly as exciting.

The tone of this whole story has changed in the last half hour or so. It was all pretty breathless earlier in the afternoon. Now it sounds like it wasn’t any big deal.

I like the reports that Hillary was seen leaving the White House without any apparent urgency or concern. That could be taken in more than one way. :slight_smile: