Clinton needs heart bypass


God go with President and Senator Clinton and their family. Although routine these days, it is still very serious surgery.

To distract from the Convention?

Always could play the press.

Godspeed, President Clinton.

Philster, I hope you didn’t mean that as coldly as it seemed.

First reports were that he’d been rushed to the hospital for surgery but now they’re saying simply that the blockage needs to be corrected as soon as possible (tomorrow) and that he’s not only called his mother-in-law and stepfather to tell them but that he’s also joking with the nurses, cutting up, etc.

Serious but manageable with a surgery that’s become pretty much routine. My household wishes him a speedy and full recovery.

This is disappointing, but sadly not surprising:

It’s unfortunate that so many people have let their petty political views cause them to boo a man for having health issues. Assholes.

Here’s hopin’ that Cap’n C comes out all right in the end.

I’m wondering whether that really happened. We just finished watching the tape of that speech, and when he made the comment, we saw no one boo. Plus, despite the title in the web address, there is no mention in ElvisL1ves’ article of any booing. In fact, the bolded sentence doesn’t appear at all. Maybe they retracted it.

But look closely at the web address:

I just saw the tape and there was no booing.

Wonder if the reporter heard one or two boos and wrote his story that way?

I’m a lifelong Republican and I would never boo at a statement like that. Nothing but good thoughts and prayers to President Clinton from this family.

The AP has retracted the sentence about the supposed booing – people on the scene and a review of the tapes showed that it didn’t happen.

From the AP wire:

Media bias?

What media bias?

:cool: :smiley: :rolleyes:

I don’t think it was media bias. Not even they would stoop so low. No reporter would have written “Bush did nothing to stop them”. I suspect it was some sort of hack or goofball clerical joke.

Damn, sometimes people are in a rush to believe the worst.

Best wishes to Bill C. – Sir, when you get out, you go ahead and have one farewell cheeseburger (as I understand it, he had been on the South Beach diet for his book tour).

I also hope he makes a full recovery. I don’t agree with his politics, but I sympathize with how rough heart surgery is (my dad had to have a triple bypass; unfortunately he died not long after going through all that).

It’s a relief that the AP story was in error. JRD, no apologies for believing it, considering the source, are forthcoming, though.

None needed from you. AP, on the other hand…

From what I’ve been able to gather on the West Allis incident, there were a number of people who reacted with an “oooh” of startlement, which was misconstrued by the reporter as "Boo"s.

My prayers are with Bill, Hilary, and Chelsea.