Bush getting bad political advice

I’m really surprised how the White House handled the resignation of Gonzales. It would make sense to announce this on the dead news day of this Friday right before the Labor Day holiday weekend. Second, rather than “thanking him for his years of service…blah blah…” Bush chose to add to the news story with his “good name was dragged through the mud for political reasons.”
The only thing I can think of is the White House was hoping that the Michael Vick story would dominate the news today. I think they erred as there is a bit of Vick fatigue especially since the details of the plea were announced last week and have been done to death the past few weeks.

Perhaps they’re all running in circle asking “What would Karl do? What would Karl do?”

I’m beginning to wonder if Bush just doesn’t give a rat’s ass anymore.

His approval ratings can’t really get much lower and he’s unlikely to provide any dramatic new leadership on important issues like Iraq, and he’s already pushed and succeeded (No Child Left Behind, Medicare Prescription Benefit) or failed (immigration reform) on his laundry list of domestic agendas.

Really, he might as well spend the rest of his administration on vacation in Crawford.

Heh. As Jay Leno once said, “President Bush is unwinding on his ranch in Crawford. My question is, when does he ever wind?”

I’m just surprised they don’t have another AG nominee already lined up. That’s been their MO with other prominent resignations in the past. The Bush White House really does seem more and more adrift.

They’re saving Friday afternoon for the announcement that they’ve lost some nuclear weapons.

Since when has Bush taken anyone’s advice? Unless Cheney does it without asking first, he has no use for advice.