Rove to resign his WH posts

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  1. Is he leaving a sinking ship, or does he just believe his work here is done?

  2. Will this change anything in the Administration?

I thought it was odd that White House deputy press secretary Dana Perino said, “…this was the right time to be giving more to his family…”. Usually the ‘more time with the family’ bullshit is used when somebody has fucked up real bad, and has been forced to resign in disgrace and/or go to jail. From all accounts Rove could stay in the Cheney administration undermining the remaining integrity of the executive branch until the bitter end. I wonder what’s up? I can’t imagine that his family would really want that goofy-looking, lying, fat, bald-headed fuck around the house.

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I wonder how this leaves the power structure in the WH, though. Rove had a lot of pull with Bush. Who’s going to step into that power vacuum (or rather, who has, since the “more time with the family” is so clichéd that it is tantamount to saying “he was shitcanned”).

Who knows? The ‘spending more time with his family’ may be true. Especially if later on he’s going to work on the next Republican presidential campaign.

Or, he may come to work in Britain for David Cameron.

Appeal to emotion. Logical fallacy.

I’m sure his time is better spent in the next year-and-a-half working for Diebold or the next Kathryn Harris.

Why look a gift horse in the mouth?

My guess though is that Rove simply wants to position himself to be available should one of the Republican candidates desire his services.


He’s denied he’ll be working on a campaign whatever that’s worth.

And Nick Saban denied he was going to leave the Miami Dolphins for the U. of Alabama job.

Rove’ll have a big part in the 2008 GOP candidate’s campaign, I’ve little doubt about that.

Has there ever been a White House Deputy Chief of Staff as controversial and well known as Karl Rove?

You can’t have a logical fallacy without a conclusion that’s being argued for by fallacious means. What’s randwill’s conclusion? AFAICT, it seems to be, ‘for these reasons, I have more questions than answers.’

I agree. It’s a good time for him to take an extended vacation, and still be available to offer his services to the winner of the GOP primaries next February or March.

I’m hoping this will make the GOP a bit less effective vis-a-vis Congressional Dems in the interim. Rove was obviously off his game with respect to the 2006 midterms and for a few months afterwards, but ever since the Dems caved on Iraq funding in May, they’ve been bitch-slapping the Dems a bit too successfully for my tastes, with the FISA revision being the crowning example.

While I’m sure Rove will keep taking Bush’s phone calls, that’s still a big drop-off from being in the midst of the planning and the action. Maybe this will give the Dems a chance to get their act together, and find their collective backbone. The GOP has other strategists, but Rove was able to play the Dems like a fiddle at times.

Leahy still plans to push forward with the investigation of Rove.

Chris Matthews believes it will now be easier to force Rove to testify.

The timing is indicative. When the Admin wants to release bad news and dampen the effect of the news cycle, they typically spill the beans late on Friday. This announcement has been timed to create the maximum possible effect. And witness the number of sources falling all over themselves to praise the Pillsbury Duh-boy. Which leads me to suspect that there is some news coming, something that cannot be avoided, that likely involves Rove. The intent, then, would be to get ahead of it, head it off at the pass.

There simply has to be more to it than what we’ve been served. Karl and Bush have clung grimly to his position with a fanatic’s tenacity, and now, for no particular reason, he up and quits?


It has been widely speculated that Karl Rove was the brains behind George W. Bush. With him leaving, can we now look forward to things going horribly wrong at every turn, with Bush sounding like an idiot when he speaks and a precipitous decline in his popularity?

Who cares what Tweety thinks? He’s one seriously messed-up dude.

Rove has no minor children, so that is a nonsense excuse.

I’m sure all the married couples without children would be pleased to know that they aren’t deserving of time as family. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m no fan of Rove, but c’mon!