Get your condolence cards ready for our right wingers [Rove resigns]

Rove is resigning August 31st.

What will Bush think? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Now, now – he still has his Dick to do his thinking for him.

Small consolation. You’re acting like they don’t have cell phones.

What, is he going to kill them and eat them?

Sorry, that was mean.

What, is he going to sting them, paralyse them, wrap them up in silk, let them turn into liquid, then suck them up?

I’ve edited the title to make it more specific, and I’ve moved this thread to the Pit. With its subject matter and with the insults and whatnot that are bound to come, the Pit’s the best home for it.

Indeed, all that’s left for debate is which circle of The Pit that Rove should be tormented in for all eternity.

I’m thinking Ninth…

While you folks are dancing around, you are missing the salient point: Bush is a lame duck in the final year and a half in office. Rove is now free to be solicited by the next unethical power hungry Republican who needs to win an election. He’s only got one kid, already in college, so claims about being with family (unless his wife’s cancer has returned*) are simply the standard excuse for bailing these days.

  • As a survivor of breast cancer, she is probably at risk for it to return and while he is despicable, professionally, if her cancer has returned he may actually have a decent intention to be with her–he ain’t Gingrich.

You’re absolutely right. I did miss that hideous salient point.

Excuse my shameless up-sucking, but – Bravo! Bravo! (Alas, this has my mind changing tomndebb’s later “Bush is a lame duck” comment to “Bush is a lame dick.”)
For some reason the title of this thread reminded me of an old restroom graffitto: “You can’t shit here because your asshole is in Washington.” So I do feel sorry for Rove fans: full of shit and no place to go.

As we already have an active thread on this topic, please direct your comments there.