Karl Rove Bails Out!!!!


Bye, bye macaca!

Erm, I’m sure this is good news for many reasons. But wasn’t the whole ‘macaca’ thing someone else? Not that I follow US politics all that much.

Yeah, but I find it a handy term to smear certain folks with.

BBC article.

I wonder if he’s gearing up for one of the 2008 candidates?

Aren’t we just so far past the point where this administration has wreaked maximum havoc as to make this irrelevant? Bush is now moving into lame duck territory; what does it matter that the guy who masterminded his elections is resigning? He’s done his job, after all, and there are no more elections left to win.

And no, I certainly don’t see him returning with another candidate (whether he’d want to or not). What sane politician would want to saddle themselves with incumbency baggage? Particularly this incumbency baggage.

Not having Rove receive a public paycheck anymore is heartwarmiing.

So you like to use racial slurs to “smear certain folks with”, interesting.

Last time I checked, Rove was white, like me. If it’s okay for me to call a fellow caucasian “honky” “cracker” or “opie” then I fail to see what’s wrong with smearing him with one that was obscure to 99% of the American population until 2006.

Then it’s okay to call a white person “nigger” or “spic” or “chink”? I think not. Just because macaca isn’t a common slur and doesn’t refer to white people doesn’t mean it is socially acceptable to use it, even incorrectly. About the only time I’ve ever seen it okay to use a racial slur is when it is a slur that refers to a racial group and both people in the conversation (the person using it and the person being called it) are of said racial group. So while I can agree it might be “okay” to call Rove a honky (although honky is such a generally unused word across pretty much all of white America that I have any experience with to such a degree that it’d probably just be considered bizarre) that doesn’t mean me and you could start throwing around the words nigger/spic/chink/etc at one another just because the slurs don’t apply to either of us. Just the very use of the word is normally considered offensive.

Except that those words are well known and have a long history of being used in a hateful manner in this country. Macaca’s history in the US is pretty much limited to George Allen’s moment of absolute stupidity in the '06 campagin. And while I don’t do it, I’ve heard plenty of white folks refer to one another by the term “nigger” and I suspect that as the latino population continues to grow in the US and becomes a cultural force in America, you’ll hear the use of “spic” by whites tin reference to one another.

Except that numerous groups of blacks have protested the use of the word “nigger” by blacks to refer to other blacks.

By your logic, then if someone from China uses the Chinese word for “ghost” or “foreign devil” I should be offended, even though I can’t understand what they’re saying. And I don’t know where you’ve been hanging out, but the use of “honky” isn’t all that uncommon.

None of this, however, changes the fact that one of Shrub’s masterminds is bailing on him like rats deserting the proverbial ship. Maybe you should wise up and realize that they know something you don’t.

It won’t be long before someone writes the lyrics to that haunting song that will forever mark this decade: " Donald, Scooter and Karl."

Big deal. Nothing will stop him from giving advice to the president-he’s just moving to the Southwestern White House.

Exactly. In those kinds of jobs, resignation and retirement are synonyms.

So he abandons ship, and a few months from now we’ll see him in another advisory role to some other Republican rat-bastard, or else he’ll get a cushy job at a think-tank or a lobbying firm. And the public humiliation he so richly deserves for his role in steering the United States to where it is today will never happen. And so it goes.

I was wondering how this affects the supoena situation. I’m assuming the “executive privilege” claim would still apply, given that he was still employed as an adviser at the time. But now that he’s a private citizen, does any of his “protection” from being prosecuted or sued or whatever change?

BTW, the world will not be safe until there’s a wooden stake through his heart or something…even if he went to jail, he’d still be operating from there, you can bet.

Under current White House “rules”, he still has EP protecting him.

Perhaps, but him being out of the “inner circle” will limit his ability to control what goes on. Not being “on the ground” in the White House on a day-to-day basis means he’ll only know what the people there want him to know. That could have a big impact on what he says.

Alright, gotcha, you feel perfectly fine using racial slurs as long as they aren’t popular. Quite a forward thinker. Would tar baby be okay with you? Or is that still too well known?

All he does is advise, him leaving his official position in the White House doesn’t mean he’s going to stop doing that. Furthermore, top aides leave the White House all the time across many Presidencies, it’s not a sign of anything usually. In this case it’s almost certainly not a sign of Rove “leaving Bush behind” it’s probably an example of Bush wanting to publicly distance himself from Rove. Rove is probably more toxic to Bush’s public figure than vice versa, and by a large margin to boot.

Not enough. You also have to cut off his head and fill his mouth with garlic.

It’s the only way to be sure.

I dunno, Martin, would we be having this conversation if I referred to Rove as a monkey? Or is the fact that the term can be applied to a species of animal, humans in general, as well as a racial slur mean that it’s not offensive for me to use it against Rove?

Ever play poker, Martin? Quite often its very handy to be able to see what expression the folks you’re dealing with are wearing. Rove s going to have a much harder time doing that all the way down in Texas.

Funny, that’s not how I’ve heard it described when it’s happened in the past with various administrations. I take it that this means if a Dem takes the White House in '08, you won’t be crowing when one of the members of their staff steps down at some point. :dubious:

Then why the hell hasn’t Bush kicked Alberto “I have no memory” Gonzales to the curb? Members of the GOP are saying that Gonzales is a drooling idiot, so by your logic he should be shot out of the White House via goat cannon, but I don’t see that happening any time soon.