Tony Snow to resign

In the pit because that’s where it’ll end up anyway. From CNN:

One odd bit:

This despite the fact that he has five tumors and makes about $170,000 a year.

Anybody care to start a pool on the next to resign?

How the hell did you scoop BrainGlutton on this?

Damned if I know.

I’ll put a couple of bucks on Condi. I think she’s going to try to get into one of the 2008 heir apparents’ campaign.

Why are we Pitting this? He’s fighting cancer, most officials don’t last the full 4 or 8 years, and he did take a pay cut to become Press Secretary.

I wish him good luck.

Agreed. I have no love for Tony Snow, but he has cancer and is quitting the worst job in the universe to go make more money doing something else. Can’t really blame him.

Because everyone who is associated with Bush’s administration is vile and evil?

I’m not pitting it per se–I actually thought about opening it in MPSIMS–but discussions about the Bush administration have a way of ending up down here anyway. Maybe I misjudged.

Eventually somebody will come along to say what a shitbag Snow is, so it might as well be here. I can’t think of anything good to say about him, myself, but I hope his health is alright. And if you think he’s a bad guy, maybe he’ll do less damage back in the private sector.

I doubt very highly that he is really leaving to make more money. I’d bet that he is very ill and doesn’t really want to make it a major public issue. The unfortunate fact is that once cancer goes to the liver, it is only a matter of time. Frankly, I’ve been kind of surprised he has continued working this long.

which was a significant pay cut and is not a huge salary, especially for a metro area.

Well, there is that. . . .
Since, so far as I can tell, Snow is not leaving under any sort of cloud, this may indeed prove to be the most anemic Pitting ever.

Unless he’s got six kids in St. Alban’s all at the same time, it’s certainly enough to get by on.

I think this board had the same debate when Tommy Thompson (or I think it was Thompson) quit. If Snow was in TV for years and made way more money, I can imagine $168,000 per year not being enough to cover the expenses he still had plus whatever medical expenses he now has. Incidentally, he has been married for 20 years and has three kids, so some of them could be college age.

I’m just guessing.

Whether he lies his butt off on Fox or sitting in for Rash Limpballs or in the White House doesn’t make a bit of difference to me. If he wants to go enjoy his family with such an uncertain health outlook, I can’t blame him a bit. Although he’s politically misguided, I give him credit for fighting cancer couragously and his defense of Elizabeth Edwards’ decision to campaign was a credit to him as well.

I don’t see a reason to Pit Snow, except that he was a part of the Bush propoganda machine.

I was just reading about this myself and had to chuckle when I got to this gem about his replacement, from this article.

At least he says what he’s thinking. We’ll be “handled” all right! And “people listening on TV” means the idiot sheep he seems to think we are. Fucking turd.

I’m not entirely surprised that 168k a year isn’t enough; as others have said, kids are expensive, and I imagine that treating stage IV cancer isn’t too light on the pocketbook either.

To be fair,

  1. Bush’s remarks were made in front of the White House Press Corps. The “she can handle you all” was doubtless a reference to the reporters in the press corps, not hte public at large.

  2. The people “listening on TV” get a five-second sound bite for every “issue of the day.” Packing the correct spin into a five-second sound-bite so that it’s plausible and not confusing takes some skill. The fact that news is delivered this way is hardly Bush’s fault.

What if he doesn’t want to “get by”? Does get by mean “live comfortably”? Does it mean college tuition or (god-forbid) private schools? For a man like Snow, $168,000/year is a huge pay cut. For perspective, it’s only slightly more than the market rate starting salary for first year associates in NYC/DC law firms – first year associates (i.e. mostly 26 year olds). Wealth is relative, but I stand by my statement, it’s not a huge salary, especially for a metro area.