Bush/Military Funerals

**Is the fact that President Bush does not attend any
funerals for our soldiers an extension of the Pentagon
policy which forbids photographs of the caskets of any
of our soldiers? Has any other president who has sent
Americans to war adopted this polciy? **

This has been kicked around already, I believe. Presidents almost never attend individual funerals for military personnel. They generally attend generalized memorial services, which Bush has and probably will in the future.

I found a summary on the History News Network which indicated that although Bush 41 staff said he had attended funerals, it couldn’t be confirmed. If he didn’t, you have to go back to Johnson to find a president attending an individual’s funeral.

(Disclaimer: I don’t know enough about HNN to know if they have a ideological slant but the overall content seems pretty balanced.)

Almost forgot. The no pictures rule was in place in the first Iraq war and was continued.