Bush screws up again

“They misunderestimated me.”
-George W. Bush

What a debate…

C’mon, Freedom, where’s the love? We could debate whether he meant to say “misunderstood” or “underestimated.” We could debate whether there is going to be a new Bush GD thread every single day of his term. I mean, what, it’s day 5 of his Presidency. Get to work, people! I’m sure there are things we could be picking apart right now and we’re missing them!

“I’m hopeful. I know there is a lot of ambition in Washington, obviously. But I hope the ambitious realize that they are more likely to succeed with success as opposed to failure.”
—Interview with the Associated Press, Jan. 18, 2001

“Dick Cheney and I do not want this nation to be in a recession. We want anybody who can find work to be able to find work.”
-60 Minutes II, Dec. 5, 2000

“They want the federal government controlling Social Security like it’s some kind of federal program.”
—St. Charles, Mo., Nov. 2, 2000

Excuse me, Governor? It is a federal program.

C’mon! I know there are people on this board who don’t feel that George W. is a mouth-breathing, microencephalic dolt. I’d just like to know why. I look toward the Capitol and I just see the Boy-King out front with his Grand Viziers behind the throne, running the show. How can you keep a straight face and say that this fellow who wants "a literate country and a hopefuller country" (—Washington, D.C., Jan. 11, 2001) really is the brightest crayon in the Republican box?


Yeah, I know he didn’t say that one, but it still kills me.

Honestly, though, Dubya’s propensity to misspeak hardly marks him as an idiot. Eloquence is a helpful attribute to have, but having it does not mean you’re a genius, nor does its absence mean you’re an idiot.

Especially when there are so many legitimate indicators that he’s decidedly <shudder> average.

minty, you have put your finger on the prime reason that he scares me so much. Isn’t a little terrifying to have an “average” person in charge of anything with “thermo-nukyuler” in the name?

Since GW is pretty demonstrably not the best nor is he the brightest, why is he at the head of the table? I feel distrust for a party that would openly NOT put their best forward.

***George W. Bush: The President Quayle We Never Had ***

Not wanting to incriminate my own party, but I think its awefully hard to say that standing behind Jimmy Carter.

I’m not sure, and I’m too lazy to go get cites, but aren’t there quite a few people who think that Carter was not only the smartest man ever to warm the Big Chair, (a Nuke officer in the Navy) but also one of the most ethical? Too bad about that idiot brother.

"I am mindful of the difference between the executive branch and the legislative branch. I assured all four of these leaders that I know the difference, and that difference is they pass the laws and I execute them."
—Washington, D.C., Dec. 18, 2000

It isn’t Dumbya’s average intellect that will get him (and us) into trouble, it’s his inability to communicate.

Three of the best politicians of the last century, FDR, Churchill and Reagan were by no means bright lights. Indeed, they were poor students and were constantly derided as being intellectually lazy.

It goes without saying that they were gifted communicators but more than that they were all rock solid in their convictions. Bush the Elder is a good example of a fairly bright man with no communications skills and no solid convictions. Jimminy Carter is a good example of a very bright man, with firm convictions (to the point of stubborness) but with zero communications skills.

It remains to be seen whether Bush the Younger has convictions but his inability to communicate, to persuade, in essense, to lead, might doom him just like dad.

Will Dumbya, for example, have Reagan’s guts to offer the ‘star wars’ missile defense technology to the world? Reagan did it because he knew the offer would have an excellent communications appeal, would be rejected by the Reds anyway, and even if accepted by Gorbachev in Iceland, Soviet communism couldn’t last.

Regan was the smartest, because you know he was so eloquent. We should define intelligence on how few words you mispronounce while talking under pressure.

Honestly I don’t see how anyone can believe that a slip of the tongue has anything to do with your intelligence. Steven Hawkings couldent talk half as well as Bush, he must be a dumbass.

I bet Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler etc… were once described as the best and the brightest.

So far I’m happy with GW. He has surrounded himself with faily intelligent adults. As long as he keeps delegating, I think everything will be fine.
I’m giving him 6 months before I cast any real judgement about his current term. So far I’m happy, but we’ll see.

Oh, come on. As much as I dislike Bush (and I do!), I gotta agree with Freedom2. Yeah, it’s a little amusing, in a Jay Leno-type way, but cut the guy some slack. As minty already pointed out, a little verbal misstep is hardly a surefire indicator of intelligence. Besides, look at the quotes Screwtape gives. It ain’t that hard to figger out what the man means here, folks.

And, more importantly: I’ve already complained that focusing on GWB’s verbal gaffes both diverts attention from his actual policies, and gives his supporters an easy-to-win argument (Bush is NOT a dummy! So there!). We’ve just completed a very loooong election cycle which pitted “the dummy” against “the liar”, those characterizations being to the detriment of any actual delineation of the candidates’ positions, or discussions of the merits thereof. This was preceded, of course, by eight years of “the bigger liar”, and, I’m afraid, will be followed by four years of “the dummy”. If I was a little more cynical, I’d conclude that Bush intentionally projects a dimbulb persona to divert further scrutiny of his acual agenda.

I agreed with Freedom’s first post. First one. The one I was responding to before he sneakily simulposted.

B.A. Yale University 1968
M.B.A. Harvard Business School, 1975

Founder and CEO of an oil and gas company
General managing partner of a professional baseball team

Governor of one of our countries largest, most diverse states.

And, oh yeah, he’s a pilot.

What an obvious idiot.

Now let’s talk about you and your accomplishments in life, genius …

What is your list supposed to show, Milo? Do you happen to know anything about the way in which he achieved or assumed those positions? Not exactly picking himself up by the bootstraps. (Yes, yes, it’s a paradoxical expression.) And would you care to remind the rest of us how well he did as CEO? Skyrocketing profits, right? You do realize, too, that being governor of “one of our countries [sic] largest, most diverse states” doesn’t mean as much as it would if that governorship was actually vested with strong power by the state’s constitution…don’t you?

I agree with Nixon–and I think xeno made this assessment a while ago–the man’s not stupid, but he’s intellectually incurious and a poor communicator.

Hey, you wanna flame? lez go to da pit:)

Your hot responses tell me that somewhere in the back of your brain you secretly agree with me.

Lets deal with facts:

Despite the smart ass “Dumbya” line I did note that W has an “average” intellect.

Yes he did get into some important schools but NOT ON MERIT - but on the legacy of his family and his family’s contributions to the colleges.

(Same with woodman Al btw.)

But I argue IMHO, no Senator’s son, no military son of gun I, that his poor communications skill will fail him as a leader.

No, communications skill and intelligence are not one in the same - never said so. But communications skill is a necessary ingredient to leadership. And yep, for good or for evil. W may be smarter than FDR, Reagan, Churchill, Hitler, whomever - so what?

Yes, Dubya formed an oil & gas exploration company - using his family’s connections. Unlike dad who IIRC, poor dummy I, W lost millions and was not able to sell out at a huge profit to a larger company.

Nor did he somehow go through the ignominy of bankrupcy - unlike many failed businessmen and women who are not part of the GOP aristocracy.

Yes, Dubya, using family connections, obtained funding to buy the Texas Rangers. Here he showed skill in getting good people to manage the club.

He also built the new stadium - by forcing the people of Dallas-Ft Worth to fund the project lest Dumbya (oops I did it again played with your heart…) move the team.

New management and the new stadium turned the Rangers around and Dumbya quickly sold off his interest and bought his “ranch”.

He’s always had good relations with the top leaders in the GOP - I believe that he has spent more time in politics than anything else. (Remember his Mississippi awol?) His personal skills as a glad-hander work well and after his success with the Rangers, Texas Republicans thought he’d make a strong run at Ann Richards. But everyone knew that Jeb was the better Bush at the time. Richards like Al took him too lightly and when she like Al tried to go negative it was too late.

Yes, he’s a pilot. So was JFK jr. JFK jr. loved to fly, liked to boast how he would push the envelope. Dumbya, well, you know why he wanted to fly.

Gadarene, did you really just dismiss the fact that he was smart enough to be a popular and effective Governor of Texas because of the amount of power granted him in the state’s constitution?

I don’t deny the guy’s led a privileged life. But it still looks as though he’s done something; accomplished something with the privileges.

He was smart enough to beat the Democrats for president, wasn’t he? And I thought you were all Mensa members.

So, some of you contend that the flaws in the English and grammar of a man, whose every word is recorded and scrutinized, show stupidity? Do you feel the same about every poster here that occasionally stumbles over a word or phrase? Are they stupid, too? I should certainly hope you don’t feel this way. And the fact is, that when you have time to consider and rephrase your words before issuing them, as you do here, well, that should be a far easier task than public speaking.

Now, do you guys want me to begin digging up all your misspellings and grammar errors posted on this board? Should I then call you stupid? This whole “argument” is ridiculous. And old.

Denied admission to Texas University Law School
“There is surely a place for young George in the world, but I don’t think TU Law School is it.” Dean, TU Law

Well, yes. But why be stingy? Founded several oil and gas exploration companies. Went broke, bailed out by other Texas oilmen, further enhancing thier reputation for gentle and nurturing business practices. Uh-huh.

Traded Sammy Sousa.

Dear God, Milo! Have you ever been to Texas! Born and raised there, myself. (Little town called Waco…you never heard of it, nothing ever happens there) Yeah, its diverse as all get out on the bottom. On the top, however, its all the same, biggest bunch of ignorant peckerwoods as you ever saw in your life.

“Two things no civilized person should ever witness: what actually goes in to sausage, and how a Texas politician earns his daily bread.” Sinclair Lewis.

Scored 25 on the admissions test. Which is the absolute minimum. Beat out 150 other applicants, some of whom had been waiting 18 months for a chance to apply.

So what happened to the other guys? The one’s not named Bush? Think he ever wonders?

Gotta be careful, Ol’ Milo’s a sly one. Double-check, run it through the Irono-meter. Yep, that’s sarcasm. Never mind.

Lifelong enemy of bullshit, veteran of the Acid Wars, comfort to the afflicted, affliction to the comfortable.

It’s been great! Thanks for reminding me!

Popularity is hardly proof of intelligence, and his personal effectiveness in the office seems constrained, almost by definition, by the degree to which the office of the governor can be effective.

Hey, he’s a great politician. No question about it. Tell me again about Bush being a CEO?

He was able to beat the Democrats for president (with some help from Nader and SCOTUS), sure enough. So was Reagan. Ah, Reagan…now there was a man whose gaffes were truly precious. sighs wistfully

By the way, Milo, don’t be so quick to tar me with your Democrat brush. I’m neither a Mensa member nor one of the Party of Jackson. Sorry to disappoint.

Beer: I, personally, never said the man was stupid. One would hope, however, that the leader of our country would be able to communicate effectively without people snickering behind their hands at his tortured phrases on what seems to be a pretty regular basis. shrug Maybe my standards are just too high.