Stop the chimp! He's off message!

Is George Jr. really as stupid as they say? And what’s up with that vaguely simian quality about him? Has anyone else noticed this? Also, why has the press not publicized his deficiencies? His state is really fucked up. Air pollution, high rate of per capita incarceration, over a million demented children (their test scores improved because he lowered the standard.) I can’t believe we are getting railroaded like this. Everyone knows that Gore won. They are going to count the votes. How are you going to feel?
MADD for Bush!

I see you’re an English Lit. student.

I recommend getting out of this program before you run into a friend of mine who is too damned smart to be teaching there. She will rip your essays in fucking half, spit them down your throat and make you thank her and apologize for wasting her time.

And stop wasting ours, while you’re at it.

Clinton: Smoked but didn’t inhale.
Bush: Snorted line after line.

Clinton: Openly spoke out against Viet Nam War
Bush: Barely passed entrance test to Texas ANG and was put at the head of the line when ‘no one wanted into the national guard’, all during Viet Nam. Also, he was released from the Texas ANG when US involvment ended in Viet Nam.

Clinton: Womenizer
Bush: Womenizer

Clinton: Blamed republicans for trying to ‘frame’ him for his Lewinsky scandal.
Bush: Blamed democrates for trying to ‘railroad’ him for his drunk driving arrest.

Problem is, people wanted to get rid of Clinton, now we just have the wolf in the guise of a different sheep. Bush was selected by the Republicans to be a sacraficial lamb after what happened to Clinton. The democrats will be all over George like stink on a log.

Neither Bush nor Gore is qualified to run the country!

Hey, I voted for the Inventor of The Internet, myself, but we really ought to move along now. In case no one has noticed, he conceded, folks.

We are stuck with the system we’ve got. If you don’t like the Primary system, if you want the Electoral College abolished, it’s time to start contacting your Congresspeople so we can get the new system in place before the next election. That’s in Nov. 2004, BTW.

Why must we demonize the politicians we don’t care for? Isn’t mere mediocrity enough reason to guide our choices?

What particularly amuses me is the Shrub-haters’ view that Texas’ many problems somehow didn’t exist before Dubya took office.

In any event, how can Bush fuck things up worse, since according to some of the more rabid partisans here, Clinton has already ruined the country? Sorry, I hadn’t noticed, how did he do that, again?

All you politico-bashers, here are your tickets. The Clue Bus leaves in five minutes. Be on it.

Above all, stop your freakin’ whining.

What fucking rock have you been under for the past year? Son of a bitch man, pick up a newspaper, turn on the goddamned television, tune in the radio, read a magazine. And if his deficiencies haven’t been publicized, how in the wide, wide world of sports did you come about this select knowledge? Beamed straight to your brain by Ralph Nader? What the fuck?

Air pollution? You mean like that bastion of whacky green liberalism, California?

High rate of incarceration? I seriously doubt that Dubya wrote and unilaterally imposed the Texas penal code. To assert that is just fucking stupid.

Right. He won the right to back home to Tennessee. Oh, wait. They don’t want him either as indicated by the voting results in that state. Maybe Gore can shuffle off to New York with Billy and continue to be his buttboy. I’ll bet Slick Willie’s got a spare bedroom or two.

I will say one thing in favor of the OP. “A Million Demented Children” would be great name for a band.

UncleBeer, it is apparent that you’re a Bush supporter, so by law I’m required to hate you, but …

“And if his deficiencies haven’t been publicized, how in the wide, wide world of sports did you come about this select knowledge? Beamed straight to your brain by Ralph Nader? What the fuck?”


Jesus Christ, an iced tea sinus wash isn’t half as pleasuable as it sounds.

Lovely, Beer. Now I’m forced to assume you really do look and sound like Slim Pickens.

I hate you UncleBeer… I hate you with a passion. Why? Because you stuck this image in my head.

*Originally posted by UncleBeer *

Clap clap clap clap clap clap!!!

Rocky, you read my mind. Those are two questions that I keep coming back to every time I read a political thread.

I would love to see a thread on the first question but I seriously doubt it could occur without resulting in a partisan mud-slinging war.

Not only did Texas’ problems exist before Dubya took office, but everyone seems to forget that Texas has a legislature like every other state in the Union. It is not a monarchy. Any law that helped or hurt Texas had to be pasted through their legislature.

Also, last I heard the Constitution was not being suspended now that GWB is taking office. Any new law has to be passed through Congress. Any failure or success is on their head as well.

Thank god someone else noticed this. There is definitely something chimpish about the future president.

Oh yeah. Slim Pickens. One of the funniest men to ever walk this earth. Now, somebody go back and get a shitload of dimes.

Shit. I could watch Blazing Saddles every week and it’d still be hilarious.

There’s another resemblance that some people have also noted:

Another thing about Texas nobody seems to know/mention,
the Governor here has almost NO power at all, the real power in that arena is with the Lt. Gov.
Sure he can sign bills and such, and he is good to have out front, if he’s pretty like the frat boy, but mostly they are used for riboon cutting and media distracting.

I agree with Rockett88 as well.
I don’t like the man, and didn’t vote for him, but he is not as evil as all that.
A sign of the times is more like it.

All told, he has been fairly ineffectual here, and I hold great hopes that he will continue in this tradition.
Anyone remember Professor De La Paz?

With any luck, noone will be able to get ANYTHING done for the next 2 years, anyway.

It’s true. They have a weak governorship but does that mean he shouldn’t be held accountable for any of it? Did he unite the Texas lege to…to what? Did he govern or not? You can’t have it both ways. “Sure he can sign bills and such”? How the f$ck do you think it becomes law?
Now let’s be realistic. His father was the head of the CIA and his brother is the governor of the state where they can’t count. Repbulicans were throwing out dem. mail-in ballots while altering Repub. ones. His cousin declared Gore the victor before the polls closed which probably dissuaded many Goreskis from coming out for their man. The Supreme Court adjudicated the case saying that a recount would do irreparable harm to Bush? What the hell? It was pure partisanship. Bush lost the popular vote. One man, one vote? My taut refuscent Irish glutes! We WILL NEVER ACCEPT Bonzo as our president. There are millions of people across the states (like 90% of the Blacks, 60% of women), right now who periodically wretch because of the most profound travesty in our collective political history. Clinton getting his c*ck sucked and the great rabble impeaching him only to be reeled in by the senate? A distant third. The second? The October surprise. Way to go daddy.
Watch closely. Among the many gafs you will hear in the next four years, there will never be anything of substance. It is pure lofty rhetoric, all of it, and it makes him a world class hypocrite.
I accept the structure. The electoral college can’t be helped. It will always be a two party system. Nader, who spent the last 30 years holding the government and the giant corps. accountable, undid all his work in one ridiculous egomaniacal, myopic, absurd sodomizing of the electorate. A child can better understand the fact that the government is run by consensus. Nader the chimp maker. Arguably the biggest asshole of all.
Too smart to be teaching here but not smart enough to accept another offer, Iamputrid? Which is it? You’re illogical. Be quiet now.

They can become laws without him signing anything.
All the bill has to do is sit on his desk long enough,
I stand by my assertation that the Texas gov is a figurehead.
The lt gov is the one can/does call the leg into session,
the gov can’t PROPOSE squat,in his previous governmental expirience, he is quitte suited to do what he will do for the next 4 years, i.e, be a figurehead.

[sup]Yeah, OK…[/sup] But back to the vaguely simian appearance of our new Great Leader:

WTF? Did his eyes get lost in his face during a bender or what? Does snorting Peruvian marching powder cause your nasal cavity to contract?? His eyes are way too small and close together for his face… the cartoonist are going to have a field day!!

Check your slagfest. It’s atrocious that an English professor can’t come up with his own disses.
It ain’t the blow, Shlomo. I have personally packed a ton of premium flake up my proboscis and I don’t have a forehead by dint of electrolysis. I’m telling you, we got a less than six percent situation here.

Er, rousing words, but are you gonna back them with action? What, would you say, is the appropriate level of protest to redress your grievances:

a) Letters to the Editor?
a) Attend candlelight vigils in front of the White House?
b) Ignore any new legislation introduced over the next four years?
c) Stop paying taxes?
d) Move to another country for the duration?
e) Withdraw to an armed compound in Montana?
f) Slaughter Republicans, burn their houses and sell their daughters into slavery?

Ah. Things become clearer now.

Chronolicht, that’s a sore subject with me… I posted that thread in a moment of extreme boredom and frustration, and I’m hoping it will die a quick death and no one will remember it ever happened!!! Please!!
Ergo: no link to that… (if you don’t know, don’t ask!)

And, FYI, I like Bush!! I would have voted for him, if I were able… couldn’t due to absentee ballot requirements (didn’t have the address of the last place I was registered… Corvallis Oregon, but the address??? I dunno!).

I still think he’s funny looking, and the cartoonists are gonna have a field day!! :stuck_out_tongue: