Bush: "Stevie - over here!"

The Washington Post reports that during a gala last week, Dear Leader Bush actually tried to get Stevie Wonder’s attention by waving at him.

Um, hey Mr. President: Stevie Wonder is blind. It’s common knowledge, like.

No comment really, merely to say “That’s really funny…” and “What a fucking dumbass!” and “How is it that the media is allegedly dominated by the left, when I don’t hear about something like that until days later, and then only a tiny little blurb in the local paper?”

From The Washington Post (about halfway through the article):

Much ado about nothing, methinks.

Damn you pointy-headed liberals. When will you stop mocking and picking on the Flyover Nation’s Presidential Choice?

Bush wasn’t trying to get Wonder’s attention by WAVING. He was throwing bottle caps at his head!

Maybe because there’s, I don’t know, actual NEWS going on?

Besides, even if Bush did wave at Stevie Wonder, that’s hardly a huge gaffe. Waving is a pretty ingrained habit in the average American by the time they’re in their late 40s/early 50s (I forget Bush’s age).

Two anecdotes (both from Saturday Night Live, I think):

Stevie Wonder is sitting at his piano, turns his back on the audience, and begins to address the rear of the stage as though he’s talking to the audience. Nobody tells him he’s facing the wrong way, and there’s an embarrassed silence for a moment. Then he turns around, flashes that trademark smile, and says, “Gotcha.”

Ray Charles is sitting at his piano, talking to the audience, and says “I’m so proud to be performing here at Carnegie Hall!” Then, in a lower voice, as he leans toward the audience: “Actually, I know this isn’t Carnegie Hall. The producers told me it was, though. Don’t let them know I’m on to them.”