Did Bush really wave to Stevie Wonder?



NO! It’s bullshit!

My credentials: I passed out leaflets and worked outside the polls in 1968 for Hubert Humphrey and in 1972 for George McGovern. Do you get the idea? I am an old time Liberal. Always will be.

This is a trash item that appears in a gossip column. It is based on the opinion of a musician in the orchestra. This is the equivalent of a soundbite from FoxNews on TV. Give it up.

Hey samclem I was born and raised in Akron, in Goodyear Heights, what part of town are you in?

Well, I think it may have happened! Why you say? Well, let me give you my credintials.
In 1964 I could climb the monkeybars faster than anyone else in my daycare, and in 1972 the 2’nd graders stood in awe with their jaws agape as I mastered the teeter-totter like noones business. I’m an old time monkeybar/teeter-totter kinda guy. Always will be;)

Snopes says probably not.

I heard Stevie waved back.

This smells like a story that spread in the Philadelphia, PA (USA) area when I was younger. Plus, See Snopes.

We had two stories running about Stevie, one was that Carter waved to him and he waved back, and the other is that someone threw a tomotoe or an apple at him and he ducked.

All reasonable accounts say that it is just another attempt by the rabid liberals to paint the President in a bad light.
And even if he did, what does that really say? I don’t recall seeing Stevie ever wearing a sign saying “I’m blind!” I think any reasonable person would agree that, upon seeing a musician wearing dark glasses indoors, their first thought would not be “hey, that guy must be blind”.
President Bush has said many times that he does not have any interest in popular culture, which to me is a sign of intellegence. He is more interested in history than entertainment, books over tv, that sort of thing. Not knowing who Stevie Wonder is, and subsequently knowing that he is blind, is not something that I consider important as I consider the qualities of our Nation’s leadership.

In closing, if this is the best the liberals can come up with, he must be doing a pretty damn good job.

As it happens, it’s not the best the liberals can come up with. Even the liberals (see above) think this is a pretty stupid story. (Or would you prefer I said “If that’s the best defense Bush’s supporters can come up with, they must be a pretty pathetic bunch”?)

If you want to discuss real concerns about the Bush administration (such as military tribunals, shadow governments, deficit spending, involvement in the Enron debacle, etc., etc.), we can start yet another thread on it. But don’t use Urban Legends as a measuring stick; they get stuck to whoever’s around at the time, regardless of political affiliation.


But, this was on Democratic Underground! It MUST be true!


IMHO your definition of “reasonable accounts” seems very narrow. Only the ones that blame “rabid liberals” can be accurate ? Can you put aside your prejudices for a moment and provide some credible evidence that this liberal conspiracy theory is the most likely interpretation of events ? If not, why are you posting in GQ ?

If not, why are you posting in GQ ?

Because that is where the original post was…

Cite, please? Or perhaps a list of these Weighty Tomes with which he beguiles his midnight hours?

What I’VE heard is that he’s not really very much interested in anything.

This has all the elements of an urban legend that will not only dog Bush forever, but will probably be attached to other politicians as well.

During the election Bush was attributed as claiming that Latin Americans spoke Latin… an attribution that was first thrown at Dan Quayle. In fact, it was attributed to Bush on this message board. (Longtime posters can probably guess who posted it.) Of course, it was nonsense, a joke someone told that got spread as fact. Bush, in fact, is quite often “Credited” as having said things Dan Quayle was originally credited as having said, and in a lot of cases Quayle didn’t say them, either; I’ve seen Al Gore painted with the same brush, too. I would imagine that a lot of the phony Quaylisms floating around were attached to other politicians before Quayle.

This UL sounds a lot like that, and in 20 years I’ll bet dollars to donuts it will be attached to someone else.

I think it speaks volumes about George W. Bush that people can believe that he waved to a blind man (and yes, I believe it happened – the guy can’t even eat pretzels and watch teevee, y’know?). I mean, if the same story was said about his father, people would have dismissed it outright as being too implausible for words. But because Bush Jr. is predisposed as being an idiot, the story gains more weight.

Now, the next question is whether or not Dubya flubbed “The Itsy-Bitsy Spider,” as reported by the Washington Post. I’m sure the Dubya Defenders are already picturing the schoolkids who witnessed the event as lying liberals… :wink:

Considering how many people believed the “Everybody connected with the Clintons ends up dying” legend, I don’t think that theory holds much water.

Is this even really so bad? I mean, hell, if I saw Stevie Wonder I’d probably wave too. I mean, I know he’s blind, but this smacks to me more of just not paying attention than to stupidity.


Hey! I’ve good credentials as a liberal too. Passed out fliers, passed gas, ran for Congress as a Dem, ran for California Assembly as a Dem, was chair of my County Dem Central Committee, etc.

I think so what even if the story is true. So the guy forgot for a second that Stevie Wonder was blind, if he did. I thought the bit about Dan Quayle misspelling potato was stupid too. Yeah, these guys aren’t rocket scientists, but so what. If you want to make a big deal about their character, note that none of them have ever worked a real job for a whole day in their lives, look at their business histories. But mostly, look at their policies. :cool:

Fortunately, I don’t care.

I will cheerfully ban from this message board any person who brings politics into this thread following this post. Including responses to the folks who snuck politics in prior to me getting to this thread.

Stick strictly to the facts.

There will not be additional warnings.

I am really ashamed of the fact that George W. Bush is the president of my country. I think he’s a bumbling, boring, inarticulate buffoon.

But I could easily have waved to Stevie Wonder myself. When you’re used to everyone around you being sighted, it’s an easy mistake to make.

I’m with jr8 on this one. Whether or not that man waved to Stevie Wonder is the least of my worries. Waving to Stevie Wonder isn’t going to get us all blowed up.