Bush the skeeze lays his hands on German Chancellor...ew.

What a creep!

Scroll down for more photos here.

What a total asshole idiot freak. How in the hell did he get the idea in his little pea-brain that this was OK? Is he back on the sauce or what? Is Laura not putting out?

Maybe this is my inner feminist coming out, but I find this horribly insulting to the German Chancellor (Angela Merkel) and to women in general. She was the only woman there, and Bush acts like a drunken fratboy trying to put the moves on. It was disrespectful and totally inappropriate. I bet nearly every woman who sees these photos is going to shudder in disgust. I think most of us have been victims of this kind of crap and it makes you feel very creeped out. I admire her for keeping her cool. I certainly wouldn’t have played it off that smoothly.

And the response of the Fox News Republican-bot was laughable:

What a load of crap. Asserting that Bush must either be a “Cowboy” (i.e. obnoxious arrogant asshole) or a “kinder, more sensitive Bush” (i.e. creepy groping lech) is totally ridiculous. A kinder, more sensitive Bush would have sat the fuck down and actually listened to what the Chancellor was saying.

There’s already an active thread on this, so I’m going to close this one.