George Bush giving German Chancellor a Backrub?

Sorry, I really couldn’t figure out where to post this. It feels to me like a GQ post, but as you’ll see, it’s hard to imagine what objective criteria for an answer there could be. Yet it’s not intended as a “debate” per se. I’m just wondering whether a certain portrayal of a certain action I’ve recently seen in the media is, in fact, a portrayal of what it looks like its a portrayal of.

Well, anyway, what I saw appeared to be Bush sort of sneaking up behind the German Chancellor (I forget her name) and initiating a shoulder rub. The Chancellor reacted by cringing and shrinking away, making a very displeased face as she did so. Then Bush just moseyed on along.

I guess my question is, is my description of the event itself accurate? What I’ve described is my impression after seeing the portrayal. Is my impression correctly reflective of the actual event itself?


I’ve seen the video of it, and yes, you right. I’ll try to find it for you.

There’s already a five-page Pit thread unravelling about this.

I vote for skeevy. :eek:

Angela Merkel. From the Daily Show. You can skip to around 50s where it starts. I guess he is trying to be down to earth but it just ends up seeming a little creepy.

That’s a Merkel.

Merkel ('mir-k&l)- Modern Merken, from the Modern German merken to shrug off the hands of tyranny; mark with unease.

1: A diplomatic Faux Paux
2: Texan hospitatlity.
3: Better…or else.

I don’t know why some men seem to think that kind of touching is their right, but they certainly do. My landlord, to whom I have shown no warmth or friendliness to, did the same thing to me once when picking up the rent at my house. I was using the computer and hubby was discussing some repair that was needed, and he sauntered over and did the same damn thing to me. I stiffened and shrank away, but he continued for several seconds. I was horrified, and after he left I showered. It still makes me shudder to think about it, and he never gave any indication that he knew the action was innappropriate.

I guess he was REALLY looking forward to the pig roast, later that evening.

I can’t imagine doing that to anyone unless I was extremely close to them, my SO, maybe my mother or sister.
Isn’t this considered a classic ‘sexual harassment’ ploy?

How can he possibly think that’s appropriate behaviour?

I mean, I think his policies are idiotically destructive (and self-destructive) and his entire system of government needs an overhaul, but I was willing to grant that he wasn’t a *stupid *man…

I guess some men just haven’t got rid of the subconscious idea that women are property…

The company for work specifically forbade neck rubs in their sexual harrassment training, but did so not because they were always innappropriate, but because they were not always appropriate, and if something is not clearly an appropriate interaction it is to avoided. Neck rubs seemed to hold a unique position, as no other action like this was specifically forbidden.

It’s much too close to someone putting their hands around my neck - very disturbing

pres. carter did kiss the queen’s mum.

she was very much not amused.

Admittedly I haven’t met many but of Texans I have met, this seems par for the course. *Doper Texans don’t count as real Texans of course. :slight_smile: *

As tacky as Bush was, it doesn’t approach Vladmir Putin kissing a small boy on the stomach.
I think Putin and Michael Jackson may have a lot in common.

I see George Bush as a kind of Allman Brother.

Michael Jackson ran the KGB? :slight_smile: